History Lesson

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For some unknown reason, I’ve become the family historian on my dad’s side.  I have in my possession books tracing our lineage back hundreds of years in the parish my grandparents live in, where we’ve resided since…well, since the parish was created.  I don’t mind being the historian as I think history is pretty cool, especially when it involves my family.

A few months ago, my dad sent me a book some local guy had written that chronicled the history of Pointe Coupee Parish, where we’re from.  I’ve been reading it and while it’s a bit dense and dry it also contains some pretty interesting information.  For instance,

My copy is signed and everything

besides being one of the oldest parishes in all of Louisiana, Pointe Coupee also created the first public school system in the South.  There are some photos in the book and one of them shows an extremely old house, built around 1765.  It was one of the first built in the parish and it was moved to another part of the state in the 1980’s before returning to Pointe Coupee and being reassembled on a different plot of land.  Apparently, it was owned by an ancestor of mine and I’m actually able to trace his name in a family tree that my great-grandmother put together.  I geek out over this sort of thing and when my grandfather told me that the house is a mere 7 miles from where he and my grandmother live, I nearly wet myself.  Of course, I had to check it out.

My dad and I rode over there the last full day of my vacation.  It’s owned by some man whose as into history as I am, though he’s not actually a part of our family.  He maintains it and is in charge of the upkeep, which he seems to keep track of rather well.  There wasn’t a soul in sight as we wandered the grounds so I took as many photos as I could of this old house.  Here’s one:

Home Sweet Home, circa 1765

Unfortunately, the doors were all locked (if it’s part of my family history then it’s not breaking and entering, right?) but I was able to get a peek in the windows.  Those pictures didn’t really turn out so well but there was one huge room on the right that had a fireplace, old chair and some tables with a dining set.  The room on the left had another table, a big wooden cabinet and a very tall bed.  I really wanted to take a walk on the inside but since locks and whatnot kept me out, the photos and memories will have to suffice.  Until the next time I’m down there, that is, because I plan on tracking down the guy who now owns it and bribing him for an insider tour.

There was a little garden out back and another, smaller house attached that had a dishwasher, fridge and oven inside.  Clearly, someone takes pride in this place and stays there on occasion.  Since I was with my dad and he’s not the most patient of men, we stayed long enough for me to take some photos and wander around and then we were off.  If I was alone I probably would’ve taken a while to just sit in the historical presence of the place.

Maybe I can see why I’m the family historian after all…



  1. Mark Cotten said,

    Enjoyed your “History Lesson” posting. Being our family historian and also from Pointe Coupee, I could relate.
    Keep up the good work.

    • webpaige said,

      Thanks, always nice to hear that someone enjoys what I write – especially someone else from Pointe Coupee!

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