The Ghost and the Darkness

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I’m pretty sure I once mentioned a syndrome where  you learn of something new and then hear of it again and again within the next few days.  I can’t for the life of me remember what the name of this syndrome is called and I’m feeling too lazy to go blog post through blog post to find it, but I experienced it this weekend.  I had my meetings at the Field Museum – they went super well by the way! – and an exhibit there is what sparked this whole phenomenon.  But perhaps I should start at the beginning.

The Lions of Tsavo

This is The Tsavo Lions exhibit at The Field Museum.  Over 100 years ago, these lions terrorized a group of grown men who were trying to build a bridge in East Africa.  They began to track the men down and eat them and some reports say up to 135 railway workers were killed.  Hundreds of workers fled the area and the chief engineer had to hunt the lions and shoot them before people would come back to work.  This exhibit features the lions and I’ve seen it numerous times on my visits to the Field.

When I was home for Halloween last weekend, I met a guy at my mom’s friend’s bonfire who found out I live in Chicago and started talking to me about this exhibit.  He then mentioned a movie, The Ghost and the Darkness , which is apparently about this entire story.  It stars Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer and he talked about how he watched this movie all the time and how great it was.  I was surprised I’d never heard of it and promised to check it out.

Here it is

Fast forward to this past Saturday, when I met with the volunteer coordinator at the Field.  We talked about my becoming a docent (fancy name for volunteer) and leading tours of certain exhibits after an initial training period (by the way, I am entirely thrilled by this!).  It all went really well and after we finished I spent some time wandering around.  A little later, I went to a lecture about a world famous taxidermist, where I ran into the coordinator again.  She waved me down and handed me a copy of The Ghost and the Darkness, saying she thought I’d like it and that I should watch it sometime in the next few weeks.  So, that was weird.

Then Sunday happened.  I had another meeting at the Field, this time about volunteering for evening events with parents and their kids.  It went really well too and I’m sure I’ll blog more in-depth about these positions as I get more involved, and as I walked out of the meeting I started chatting with another one of the volunteers.  We were talking about some of our favorite exhibits when she mentioned this movie she used to watch a lot when she was younger.  A movie about one of the exhibits.  Can you guess the name of that movie?

Yup, The Ghost and the Darkness yet again.  Apparently I have been missing out.  I have the loaner copy from the Field sitting in front of me now and it’s even still in its cellophane.  Since it seems like fate wants me to watch this movie, I’ll be settling in with the popcorn just as soon as time allows.  And if I hear about it one more time from some random source, I’m going to get just a little bit freaked out.


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