Today, I suck

November 5, 2010 at 2:24 pm (Uncategorized) ()

For the life of me, I am unable to come up with anything witty or entertaining to say today.

This seems appropriate

I was going to write about the world’s oldest woman dying but that started to make me depressed, because the more I read about her and the more pictures I saw drove home the point that people just shouldn’t live to be 114 years old.  I was then going to bitch about all of the medication I’ve been put on since leaving my job (I added to this last night, when I was given prescription eye drops for the whole red-eye thing I’ve been dealing with…at least it’s looking better now) because I currently have two types of eye drops, ear drops and 3 other pills I’m supposed to be taking.  Then I realized I’ve been bitching about my health for a while now and I probably seem like I’m 114.  Awesome.  I thought of coming up with a different and wholly engrossing topic and my mind drew a blank.  I’m a bit all over the place right now and have a big weekend ahead of me (and then an actual full week of work) so I’m finding it a little hard to focus.

What’s this big weekend?  Well it all revolves around my favorite place, the Field Museum.  I have an interview tomorrow morning for a docent position (a docent is basically like a volunteer that goes through a bit of training and answers questions from patrons…so like a volunteer teacher) and then I’m going to attend a tour and listen to a guest speaker before heading home.  On Sunday I’ll be back at the Field for an orientation for volunteers who are going to work with the Dozin’ with the Dino’s camp this fall and summer.  Dozin’ with the Dino’s is basically an event where parents and their children can sleep over at the museum.  I wouldn’t actually have to stay overnight but I would help run programs throughout the evening once or twice a month.  It all seems pretty cool and since I’ve been trying to volunteer at the Field for years, I’m pretty pumped.

So pumped, in fact, that I can’t really think of anything else.  Okay that’s not true…I’m also thinking about my cat, who’s having a glucose curve done at the vet’s today and will likely need to up her insulin dosage.  Plus I’m thinking about the articles I need to write for the entertainment magazine I work for, as well as the insane amount of cash I’ve blown through in a few weeks to doctor myself and my kitty.  And I’m thinking about cheese, which I haven’t allowed myself to have much of since I’ve been sick (dairy isn’t that great for your immune system).  You know, it’s probably my lack of cheese that has made this post so lackluster today.  Apologies all around.

At least it’s Friday.  Happy Weekend!


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  1. Debbie said,

    I think your body is NEEDING some cheese. Eat Some & enjoy YOUR weekend!

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