Day One Down

November 3, 2010 at 6:48 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

And I’m exhausted.

This is your head at work

I’m overwhelmed, intimidated and just plain tired, so  I guess that means my first day of work went exactly how it was supposed to.  I know it’s only been about three weeks since I became unemployed, but I still managed to forget how much I dislike going to bed late (too nervous; couldn’t sleep) and waking up early.  I also managed not to get completely lost while navigating the two separate elevators and escalator that take me to the floor I now work on, so that was a plus.  An added bonus was the super dorky looking photo ID that now allows me to enter the building without having to sweet talk security or go through a bag check.

You know what sucks, though?  I still have one very red eye.  And yes, I know it’s been a while and it should be clear by now.  It made my first day of work slightly awkward too, since I looked like I’d been crying out of one eye and/or poking it with a pen.  I even put the dreaded Visine in multiple times to no avail.  However, in a very nice gift from the First Week of Work Gods and Goddesses, I don’t have to be back at work til Monday.  The girl who’s training me is out the next two days and since no one else knows how to do what she (and soon I) do, I don’t have to come in.  Which I suppose will allow me to break down and go get my blasted eye looked at.

Stupid eye.  Though I do want to make sure I have the clearest vision possible when I check out the view from the 51st floor of my new building next week!


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