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I’m no longer unemployed!

Woo hoo!

Ten business days, 6 interviews and 1 networking meeting later, I have found full-time work!  Beginning TOMORROW, I’ll be managing a small marketing department at a law firm in the Willis Sears Tower.  I have a vague understanding of what I’ll be doing and will be getting trained for the next two weeks but it sounds like it’ll be interesting enough to keep me busy.  I’m just happy to have found a job with benefits, and so soon after resigning from my last position!  I’m honestly surprised it didn’t take longer than it did and I can’t help but be wary that everything will blow up in my face, because it seems too easy.  In fact, I knew I had a phone call with the CEO of the company this morning and I had a dream last night that I was stuck in an elevator and couldn’t find my phone at the appointed time.  Thankfully that did not happen and we were able to talk as scheduled.  I had actually interviewed for a different position at his firm, which he offered to me, but the pay wasn’t enough and I turned him down.  He came back with another offer, which I again declined and then he came back with a different

I work here!

position and different salary, which was much more doable.  This is one of those times that I feel like a grown up even though I know I’m wearing cartoon underwear.

Can I tell you how excited I am that I get to work in the Willis Sears Tower?  Yes, that place is a labyrinth of elevators, escalators and door men but it’s an awesome building nonetheless.  I’ll be stationed on the 51st floor, nice and in the middle.  After working in the far reaches of suburbia for two years, I really wanted nothing more than to have a position actually in Chicago, and here it is, right in the Loop.  No longer will I have to go through three levels of corporate bullshit to leave my office ten minutes early so I can catch a train then a bus out of town…I’ll be working across from Union Station!  My commute has been cut in half and I can now meet friends for a happy hour that doesn’t involve cheap beer on the train.  This also means I can take the Continuing Studies course at Northwestern this winter that I’ve been eying, so it’s really a win-win.

Of course, I’m nervous as all get out, but I’m trying not to let that freak me out too much.  Everyone’s nervous on the first day, right?  Perhaps I should get a new backpack or lunchbox.  I might actually allow myself to buy some new work clothes too, since I didn’t wind up living in a box with my cat, like I was scared I would.  All I really know is that I’m going to make the most out of my last day of employment!  Which actually means I’m going to go downtown for one more interview…I’m supposed to meet someone about a paid writing internship program at Groupon (don’t know about Groupon Coupons?  You really should).  It seems like a good gig and I have no idea if it’s on site or more freelance so I’m still going to check it out.  It would be very cool to be able to do both jobs at once!

In other work-related news, my editor at the entertainment magazine I’ve been contributing to for a little over a year is starting to give me more assignments.  Apparently my column is one of the highest rated on his website every month!  He admitted the entire magazine is a huge bar rag (which it is) and that he wouldn’t read it if he didn’t publish it (I wouldn’t read it if I didn’t write for it…) but it made me feel good to know that some drunks out there appreciate my writing anyway.  They don’t pay very much but every little bit helps!

You can’t see it, but I’m patting myself on the back right now.  I’m just so happy to be hired that I could sing!  I don’t think my neighbors would appreciate that though so I’ll settle for a quiet jig around my apartment.  Now to lay on my couch for a while before getting ready for my (final!) interview.  I hope I don’t wake up and realize I actually slept through the job offer phone call.

One last thing, totally unrelated – don’t forget that today is the day to take advantage of your right to VOTE!


  1. Debbie said,

    Way to go Sis!

  2. szoso said,


  3. Kara said,

    YES! i knew you could do it! this is great news sister, let’s talk super soon so you can tell me everything! 🙂

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