Mysterious Illness Revealed!

October 26, 2010 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Remember my bitching and moaning about a sore, red right eye last week?  That has mysteriously morphed into a sore throat and pain in my ears (especially the left one) over the course of the last few days.  The right eye is better but now the left one is a little red and the pain in my ear has become a pain in the neck (not literally…then I’d really be falling apart).  Once I realized that my health insurance is still active until the end of the month (and that I had a fever that wouldn’t go away, even with more cowbell), my mind was made up.  To the Minute Clinic at CVS I went.

Oh kid, how I feel your pain

The Minute Clinic is a wonderful invention for those like me who don’t have the time or desire to go see their regular doctor just because of an earache.  I got there, signed in and was treated to some little boy screeching at the top of his lungs in the ear that hurt the most.  He was very excited about the video game he was playing and when his mom asked him to quiet down, he said very politely, “No thank you, I don’t want to do that right now.”  Hey, at least he was honest.  Luckily I only put up with the awful noises emitting deep from within his tiny body for a few minutes before I was called back.  The nurse practitioner was very nice and helpful and within minutes I had my diagnosis.  I would’ve been in and out in under an hour flat but, like a well-prepared genius, I forgot my insurance card at home and had to come back to the apartment then go back to CVS in order to get fully checked out.  As an extra little pitch for CVS, they gave me a diagnosis and then let me leave so I could get the card and come back.  Apparently I have a trustworthy face.

So guess who’s among the small percentage of adults that can come down with an ear infection?  Yup, this

Can't always be the sharpest one in the box

girl.  A double ear infection, in fact, which means double the fun.  I was told that the infection is the culprit behind my weird eye issues and sore throat, which I guess makes sense because I’m harboring extra fluid behind my face.  I’m finally on an antibiotic so hopefully I’ll have this thing knocked out in a few days.  My ears still hurt though and all I want to do is curl up on my couch with my diabetic cat and favorite stuffed animal while watching reruns of classic 80’s sitcoms.  While I was reading the ways to help your toddler feel better about their ear infection (because all of the literature I was given assumes it’s just kids that get them…ageism at its finest), I came across the suggestion to have them watch a movie or color in a book to help distract them.  My crayons are ready so in case my couch and book don’t distract me enough I should still be able to fool myself into thinking I’m healthy.

The mind is a wonderful thing to try to deceive.


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  1. Mega said,

    Ear infections suck. Thankfully mine was a false alarm. Hope yours feel better soon!

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