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As of right now (October 13, 2010 2:51pm CST) 20 of the trapped miners have been successfully extracted from the ground.  There are 13 left to go and they’ve been at it for 17 hours and 32 minutes.


Welcome to fresh air and sunlight!


I, like many others, have been following this for a while.  I think it’s incredible that this is all being viewed live over the internet, though I’m not sure I’d have wanted the whole world watching if I was getting pulled from a mine and reunited with my family.  The rescue is going well and I’m so glad these guys are getting out of that hole and being reunited with their loved ones!


Here's the cat in question again, just because she's so darn cute


In other news, I’m feeling much better about my diabetic kitty.  The awesome dream I had featuring Joseph Gordon-Levitt last night helped my mood, I’m sure, but I think I’d be feeling a bit better even without that.  I spent a fair amount of time freaking out and blubbering around yesterday and now that I’ve calmed down I realize that this isn’t exactly the end of the world, it’s just something that’s going to change our routine from now on.  It’s okay though because we’ll manage.  I gave her the first insulin shot last night at the vet’s and the first one on my own this morning…yesterday’s went really well but I think it was because she was too scared to try anything.  Today she fought me but I’m sure it’ll get easier for both of us as time goes on.  This whole ordeal has also reminded me that I have some really amazing friends – thank you all for your support, you rock!

In other, other news…I no longer have a full time job.  My last day was scheduled to be this Friday but I was called into my bosses’ office this morning and told that since there really isn’t much for me to do anymore, I could go ahead and leave and they’d still pay me through the end of the week.  Score!  So it is 2:30pm and I am sitting on my couch with Catsby and drinking a beer.  I plan to celebrate today and start freaking out about the job search tomorrow.  This afternoon will be filled with a little more beer, some reading and/or guilty pleasure TV watching and perhaps even a nap. I can allow myself one day to revel in unemployment, right?  Especially if it’s a day I’m still getting paid for!  Don’t you love rationalization?



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  1. Mega said,

    Glad to see things are getting better with the cat. Sending Catsby some good vibes. And congrats on no more work! Living the dream.

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