Viva Mexico!

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Aaaand I’m back!

The trip was everything I expected and needed it to be – five days of beautiful beaches, sunshine, drinks and relaxation in Mexico.  To be honest, it’s kind of difficult to write this post because I feel like it was too short and I just want to go back to Puerto Vallarta!

This was the view from our hotel room

My mom, sister and I arrived Wednesday afternoon and were in our suits as soon as we checked in the suite.  We explored the pools and beach, as well as the buffet and bar, well into the night.  We happened to arrive in Mexico at the time of the bicentennial, so celebrations were everywhere and it was pretty cool to witness the way another country marks their independence.  On Thursday, we spent most of the day hanging out by the pools and beach, and of course the swim up bar.  My sister and I also made plans for an outdoor adventure, which we took part in on Saturday.

Friday, my mom and I took a cab into downtown Puerto Vallarta.  On the way, we spotted a pick-up truck that was completely full of avocados…I wish I had been quicker with my camera so I could’ve had a shot, because that was one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen.  Anyway, we did some shopping and general wandering around, and I managed to find a place to buy some tennis shoes for my sister and I (we each only brought flip-flops and our adventure excursion called for something a bit sturdier than that).  Now, I’m not normally a woman who gets her panties in a twist over shopping and shoe stores, but I have to admit I was pretty thrilled at finding a place that sold me two sets of sneakers and some awesome fancy sandals for $40.  I may not be a crazy shopper but I know a deal when I see it!

The boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta had some really beautiful statues:

This one was probably my favorite

While this one really reminds me of Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama

It was a great place to hang out in and before we left, mom and I managed to find 2 for 1 beers at a place right off the beach.

On Saturday, my sister and I had our adventure in the jungle.  The excursion consisted of a speedboat ride across the ocean from our village to a smaller one further out, an open jeep ride up some extremely bumpy/rough terrain that often had potholes filled in with sandbags, a mule ride up the mountain, zip-lining through the jungle, rappelling down a waterfall and hiking back out.  Yes, it was as badass as it sounds.  Although if I’m going to be completely honest (and I guess I will), the zip-lining freaked me out more than I thought it would.  It wasn’t because I was flying high above trees and rocks – I was more scared of losing my arm while hanging on to the line.  We had to position our hand behind us to help with turning and breaking, and on my very first ride my clumsy self somehow managed to get my glove caught in the gears.  The instructors had made very clear the fact that doing something like that was wrong and could cause serious injury, so of course I was over thinking it to the best of my ability.  After getting my glove caught I was nervous to do any more but there’s not really another way off the mountain so I sucked it up and got through all 8 of them.  By the end I had pretty much conquered my fear but it was an adrenaline rush nonetheless.  The rappelling down the waterfall I loved from the beginning though and I wish we had more like that!  Of course we had guides and instructors there during all of this and they always had our backs, and they were a riot.  If any of you ever try zip-lining on the west coast of Mexico, I highly suggest you check out Vallarta Adventures.

They wouldn't let us bring cameras but it was something like this

The last few days of vacation consisted of more sun, beach, swimming, drinking and eating.  We met quite a few fellow Americans down there and made some new friends.  One woman in particular stands out in my mind, as she and her husband were down there for their 15th wedding anniversary.  They had just gotten in on the day we met and the lady was the textbook definition of drunk as a skunk.  She had 6 or so martini type beverages before we met her at the bar, and I watched her drink a few more.  She rounded out the night with a shot of tequila.  She was also convinced that she was going to be able to set me up with her younger brother so that one day she would be my sister-in-law.  She was really adamant about this and spent a good half hour trying to find a Facebook photo of her brother on her phone (despite the fact her husband kept telling her that she only had reception in the lobby, not the bar).  We ran in to her the next evening and my mom, sister and I are all pretty sure her husband had to remind her who we were.

All in all, it was a fantastic vacation.  We had great weather just about every day and the late nights had some strong thunderstorms, which was actually pretty spectacular to watch out over the ocean.  We all made it back safe and I didn’t lose my arm in an unfortunate zip-lining incident (although it was sore for three days).  The only trouble we encountered was at the end of our trip, where our flight leaving Mexico was two hours late.  That caused us to miss our connecting flight in Phoenix, which caused us to be rerouted to Charlotte before eventually going to Chicago.  At this point in the trip, my sister and I had been around each other longer than we had been in two years and had thus reverted back into our 12 and 13-year-old selves.  We were tired, pissy and hungry and therefore were fighting like teenagers, with my poor mom stuck in the middle per usual.  However, one of the good things about being a grown up is we are legally able to settle our differences over beer, a couple of which calmed us all down long enough to catch a few zzz’s on the way home.  We got back to my apartment around 10 hours later than we were expecting but the rest of the trip more than made up for it.

And sadly, back to work tomorrow.  But not before pizza with my book club tonight!

If only I was eating and reading back out on the beach…



  1. Mega said,

    That looks like an excellent trip.

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