And It All Falls Down

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Everything is falling.  The sun is setting earlier, the temperature is dropping and when I was home last weekend I stepped on my first fallen leaves of the season.

Crap.  I am so not ready for this.  Didn’t summer just start?

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em

To get myself into a slightly more prepared mood for this change in seasons, here’s a list of things I love about Autumn:

  • It’s the only season with two names
  • The leaves look pretty when they change (granted, this is because they are dying, and granted, I don’t get to see as many changing trees here as I did while living in Indiana, but there’s a tree outside my living room window and it will suffice).
  • A dear friend is getting married in October and her wedding is in Bloomington, IN, so this will actually allow me to enjoy a few days of those gorgeous country fall colors.  Take that, tree outside my living room window.
  • I get to delve into a different portion of my wardrobe.  It’s almost like Christmas when I find sweaters, coats and scarves I haven’t worn in half a year (okay more like 4 months).
  • Pumpkin flavoring in food and beverages.  Case in point: the coffee I had from Dunkin Donuts this morning.
  • Wearing slippers around my apartment.  They make my feet cozy and conveniently allow me to go longer between vacuums.
  • Red wine.  I know I can drink reds all year long but when the weather is warm I typically go for whites.  I opened my first bottle of red in months earlier this week, and I had forgotten how nice they can be.

I wish I had a yard, so I could do this. It would make the looming season so much better.

  • More days off work – this is HUGE.  Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are all paid holidays, plus I get to take my vacation.  After a summer of black out dates that didn’t even allow us time off for the Fourth of July, I’m ready to be paid to not work.  By the way, I’ll be in Puerto Vallarta this time next week so prepare yourself for a lack of posts over that time.  For reals.
  • I’ll be saving money on electricity since I won’t be running the window unit air conditioner in my bedroom every night, and I don’t have to pay for heat as it’s included in my rent.  How sweet that is.
  • There are two shows I am looking forward to catching again now that the seasons are starting up (Glee and Bones…don’t judge me).  I’m sure there are many others I could get into if I tried, but I’m usually too lazy to keep up with more than a couple.
  • Everything smells crisp.  I really like that.

You might notice that Football isn’t on my list.  That’s not an oversight; I’ll watch it if social norms call for it but I honestly couldn’t care less.  Does that make me un-American?

Of course, there are many things I don’t quite appreciate about the weather turning colder (and I’m sure I’ll post about that eventually).  To try to hang on to the last remnants of summer, I’ll be wearing my sandals for as long as I possibly can.  This isn’t easy when it’s 50 degrees and I leave my house at 6:30 in the morning while wearing a jacket, but it’s a tribute to the warmer weather of days gone by that I’m willing to make.  We’ll see how long I can tough it out.

It’s also helped to think about my very near Mexico vacation when I begin to get down about the falling temperatures.  In fact, reminding myself of the trip is what’s gotten me out of bed every day this week.  I’ll try not to gloat too much or make my return, trip-summary post too awesome, but I am just a tad excited.  When I saw my breath this morning, I just thought of fun in the sun on a nice warm beach.  It definitely helped.

This is the actual hotel we'll be staying in. Please don't hate me.

I’ll have a drink (or five) for you!


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