Beer Me

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I love beer.

So did our founding fathers.

I think it’s hereditary.  I come from a long line of beer drinkers, but it was my mom who turned me on to the good stuff.  My dad was always content with Coors or Busch Light and while I admit to drinking my fair share of crappy beer (especially in college, where it’s required), I like to think my tastes have evolved a bit.  I usually keep some of the cheaper stuff on stock in my fridge but when I go out I like to splurge.  Which brings me to last night.

I went to The Small Bar, which is in the Logan Square/Avondale area.  True to its name, it is small.  I had never been before but it’s been recommend to me more than once so I went with a friend to check the whole thing out.  Since I arrived first, I ordered the beer on special and sat down to peruse the beer list.

The list was massive.  It was almost like a homework assignment, but much more entertaining.  The descriptions were also funny enough to evoke a laugh or two, and they were all very thorough.  By the time my pal arrived I had picked out my next choice, something that sounded delicious and hunger-inducing all at once.  A Blueberry Wheat Beer.

It tasted like blueberry muffins soaked in yummy wheat beer.  I fell in love.

I’ve always been fond of a good wheat beer and I often miss Upland Brewery in Bloomington, as it served some of the

On a scale of 1 to 10, I give this beer an 11

best wheats around.  This blueberry stuff more than made up for my lack of Upland, and I could’ve happily kept drinking it all night long (if I was unemployed or looking to be unemployed…it was a Wednesday night, after all).  This beer is micro-brewed in Maine and I’m ready to plan a trip.  The menu at the restaurant/brewery is mostly seafood (shocker for being on the East Coast) but I wouldn’t be going for the food. I’d be going to imbibe responsibly (?) while pretending to be in a Steven King novel.  Who’s with me?

If a road trip isn’t in your future, I suggest trying to track this stuff down at your local liquor store.  My sister works in one and she might be able to help.

Told you it was hereditary.


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