Out of Sight, Not Out of Mine

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They're still alive!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the group of 33 Chilean miners who have been stuck over 2,000 feet underground since August 5th (and if you haven’t, perhaps you’ve been living underground yourself).  This group of men survived huge odds by rationing 48 hours worth of food and water over the initial 17 days of their entrapment, which is amazing in itself.  They’ve made it a long way but aren’t out of the woods quite yet.  In fact, they will likely be stuck with each other in the mine for another few weeks while rescue crews try to dig their way in without creating further risk.

A video was released Sunday in which the miners are seen giving messages to their loved ones, and though I haven’t watched it, just reading some of the transcript is enough to make me want to cry.  I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to be stuck in the mine, or to be stuck outside waiting for your friend or family member to get out.  The men are now able to receive food, water and messages from their loved ones, which I can only imagine helps to keep them sane.  Speaking of sanity, NASA will be providing advice to the miners on how to not go bonkers while trapped in an enclosed space with other people for such an extended amount of time. That’s especially nice of NASA, considering how the company that owns the mine is not helping with the rescue efforts at all, and will probably not be paying the workers for the time spent buried alive.  You can read more about that lousy business strategy here.

I love the 90's

If I was ever trapped in a mine, here are some of the things I would do to try to maintain the last lingering threads of my sanity:

  • Sing 99 bottles of beer on the wall, starting with 3 billion
  • Try and see how many episodes of Saved by the Bell I could re-run in my head
  • Play leapfrog with anyone and everyone else I was trapped with
  • Request toothpicks; build entire mini-cities
  • Write a play/song/memoir/build-your-own-adventure book about the experience and plan out how to sell it for millions upon release
  • Masturbate (might get tricky with 32 others in such a small space…)
  • Pretend to be stuck in a submarine, spacecraft, ship lost at sea or on another planet, just for something different
  • Tell my entire life story to the others until they give me all their food just to shut me up
  • Try not to think about ghosts, or the fact that an actual ton of dirt is sitting right on top of my head

Oh, who am I kidding?  I would probably go nuts in about two days and try to dig my own way out.  Which I’m sure would totally work.

My thoughts are with those guys – keep on keepin’ on, and good luck down there.  And if you’re trying to keep track of every Saved by the Bell episode ever, don’t forget the lost Ms. Bliss years.



  1. Deon said,

    (Ms. Bliss years) What ever happened to the girl that was later replaced by our favorite Showgirl???

    • webpaige said,

      Tori! That poor girl was always getting the shaft.

      • Deon said,

        Sorry not Tori, but she was interesting as well. If you notice she’s never in any episodes with Kelly and Jessie.

        The girl I’m inquiring about was part of the grade school/junior high years.

      • webpaige said,

        Oh you mean NIKKI! Yeah she was cut when they moved the show from Indiana to California.

        Because I’m a huge nerd, I know the back story of the whole Tori/Jesse/Kelly saga. It had to do with contracting issues and the show never addressed it because they probably figured a bunch of dopey kids would never catch on. Little did they know the confusion it would cause.

  2. Deon said,

    That’s it!!! Nikki Coleman aka Ms. Correct-All:) God Bless the miners.

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