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There is a traffic jam in Beijing, China that has currently been going on for eleven days.

Road construction is what started the whole mess and now it’s just a giant parking lot.  People have been sitting for an incredible amount of time and on Sunday the entire line moved less than a mile.  In an entire day.  The mess stretches over 60 miles long at its worst point and it could last up to another three weeks as construction continues.

Yup, this is happening

Can you even imagine?  I find it shocking that no one has completely lost their mind to road rage (yet) because conditions on that road aren’t exactly ideal.  No bathrooms, so people have to hike into nearby fields for relief.  Food and water is being sold by local villagers-turned-entrepreneurs but they’re hiking up prices and a bottle of water is going for about ten times the normal rate.  Trucks with produce aren’t refrigerated and so everything inside is assumed to be rotting.  One would think that they could open up the trucks to feed the people stranded but at this point the food is probably far too gross to eat.

So, most of the stranded passengers are killing time by playing cards and sleeping.  If it were me, I would seriously consider abandoning my car and hoofing it to the nearest town where I could find an actual bed and toilet, but I imagine after so many days it becomes a test of strength and will.  Challenge your own endurance and whatnot.  Sounds like a personal kind of hell to me.

Ring, damn you

Speaking of enduring personal kinds of hell…today is The Day that those who are moving on to the next round of the Month at the Museum contest are supposed to get a phone call.  I have not.  I’m aware that the day is not over yet but I’m also fairly certain that if I had been chosen, I would’ve heard by now.  I’m still holding out a sliver of hope but my high level of confidence has waned.

I seriously don’t think I’ve waited for a phone to ring this much since being a silly junior high girl waiting on some boy.  Ironically, my phone has rang today, just not with the call I’m hoping for.  I pretty much never get calls on my cell during the work day and so when my phone started buzzing earlier this morning, my heart jumped into my throat and I grabbed it faster than lightning.  I even shut my office door, in hopes that I would have to muffle my excited voice.  It was an unfamiliar Chicago number so I answered in my best I’m-worthy-of-living-in-a-museum voice and said hello.  A CVS recorded greeting replied, telling me my prescription was ready.  Balls.

A couple of hours later, my phone went off again.  Since CVS had already called, I figured this unknown Chicago number just had to be the museum.  Again, my heart started pounding and I felt excitedly shaken.  Again, I shut my office door and answered in anticipation.  This time, an actual human responded to me and asked if she was speaking to Paige.  I assured her she was and held my breath.  Then she informed me that a biopsy I had on a mole three weeks ago came back clear.

Great and all, but not exactly what I was hoping for.

Fingers are still crossed but I’m no longer holding my breath.



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