August Book Club Review

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As I mentioned yesterday, I had my monthly book club meeting last week.  The girls and I met up at Ethiopian Diamond, which was my first foray into Ethiopian food.  Actually, none of us had ever had Ethiopian food before so it was a new experience for all.  And it was awesome.  The food names were nearly impossible to pronounce so we all just went by descriptions and pointed to what we wanted (yup, we’re American).  Everything came out looking something like this:

Might look funky, but oh so good

The food was served on injera, which is a type of bread cooked on a large clay plate over a fire.  There are also pieces of the bread that come out with the meal.  It kind of reminded me of a pancake, albeit more bread-like than breakfast-food like.  It didn’t have much of a taste but it wasn’t supposed to, because you used it to pick up your food.  No silverware in Ethiopian dining, and I have to admit I liked that.  Eating looked like this:

I approve of using fewer utensils

As I also mentioned yesterday, I went to a different Ethiopian place on Saturday night.  I really enjoyed every single thing I had, although I guess since it was all vegetarian I didn’t have as much to choose from as you meat eaters would.  I thought the communal style plating was especially cool and spinning the tray around to sample everything I could just added to the fun.

So yes, I’m now a huge fan of Ethiopian food.  And it’s a good thing I enjoyed it so much during Book Club night, because the book we read pretty much sucked.


It was called Girl on Fire and written by Rena Diane Walmsley.  Apparently this Walmsley lady is a former Miss America contestant and her photo adorns the beginning of every single chapter.  That in itself was annoying and distracting, but so was the writing.  The book was originally written for the Kindle, which sort of explains it’s vanity-press type publishing.  There were grammatical and formatting errors throughout the whole thing and it often felt that I was reading a rough draft of some high school girl’s English essay.  The story was about a girl from the affluent Deerfield, IL (ironically this is the town I work in, and it is pretty snobby) who attends a fancy boarding school on the East Coast.  She’s a privileged and spoiled kid who somehow ends up helping her English teacher with a writing workshop at a nearby men’s prison.  She falls in love with one of the inmates and they concoct an elaborate scheme where she shaves her head and switches places with his cell mate so they can finally be together.  By be together, I mean sleep together, because they are basically overrun by their hormones.

Besides the relatively poor writing, there’s not much in this book that’s really even plausible.  A teenage girl sneaks into an all-male prison and doesn’t get caught?  And stays there for many weeks?  Uh, right.  The entire plot was outlandish and silly and it made it difficult to get into the book.  The ending was even more absurd and I’m not even going to get into it here because it’s so spectacularly stupid.  Don’t worry, you’re not missing much.

At least the food and company was good.  If you have never tried Ethiopian cuisine I highly recommend it, but stay the hell away from that book.


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