Rude Awakening Part Deux

August 18, 2010 at 1:13 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

A while back, I wrote about how a charley horse woke me from deep REM and put me directly into a world of pain.  That was not fun.  I had another not-so-nice awakening this morning but since it didn’t hurt as badly as the leg cramp did, I shouldn’t complain too much.  However, I will complain long enough for a blog post.

This should not be an alarm clock

I had a lot on my mind last night and had a rather difficult time falling asleep.  Sometime in what I thought was the middle of the night, I was awoken by a short, loud beeping noise.  I heard it once and hoped it was my imagination; when I heard it again I figured there was a battery in a smoke detector somewhere that needed replacing.  A quick peek out my window told me it was still dark and so I figured it was early enough in the morning that I could take out the battery and catch a few more zzz’s.  I did consider just trying to go back to sleep and ignoring the sound but I knew that wouldn’t work, so I dragged myself out of bed and tried to figure out where the hell the noise was coming from.  Keep in mind, my mind was all foggy and full of sleep cobwebs, so I was not thinking rationally.  As soon as I walked out my bedroom my eyes were drawn to my kitchen clock and I saw it was much later than I had been hoping – it was actually only about a half hour before my alarm was supposed to go off.  That did not make me happy.  I grabbed a chair and pulled it to what I thought (again, sleep cobwebs were interfering with my thinking process) was the smoke detector and began trying to get that sucker off the wall.  In my attempt, I hit some button that made the device wail and that was something else that didn’t make me happy.  It probably didn’t help that I was attempting all of this in the dark as I still had grand visions of another 30 minutes of sleep running through my head.  I eventually managed to get the battery out of the thing, then I quickly crawled back into bed.  Relief.

Then it beeped again.

Wake up!

What the crap?  I angrily threw off my covers and stalked back to the hallway, where I realized that my tired self had just taken the battery out of my carbon monoxide detector.  Great.  So I grabbed the chair again, pulled it under the smoke detector and tried to pry the cover off.  That’s when I realized that I was too short to reach it, chair and all (I have high ceilings).  So I did what any quick thinker would do and took the closest, thickest book I could find and put it on the chair.  After standing on this, I was just barely able to pry the lid off the detector…then I lost my balance and fell.

I managed to somewhat catch myself before completely hitting the ground but the entire experience was not very pleasant.  I should also mention that I sleep wearing minimal clothing and so there was really not much of a buffer between myself and my fall.  I did not enjoy this, but I did get the blasted battery out of the smoke detector.

By this time, it was roughly ten minutes before I was supposed to wake up anyway.  I laid back down for about 45 seconds before giving in to the futility of the situation and going about beginning my day.  I’ll never forget that extra 30 minutes of sleep I was supposed to have and hopefully we can be reunited this weekend.  I’ll also never forget which device is my smoke detector and which is for carbon monoxide, and I might even remember to change the battery before it wakes me up from a sound sleep next time.

And while I know it could’ve been much, much worse (at least the detector was just detecting a low battery and not actual smoke), I would like to now forget that brutal wake up.


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