Video Games, a Movie and Heads on a Spit – Oh My!

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My weekend was an eventful one and I am reminded once again that I have awesome friends and live in a great city.  Time for some quick reviews!

Naughty Produce

Friday night, a gal pal and I went to The Bad Apple, which is a bar that features some really awesome retro video games.  I witnessed at least one Pac-Man battle and I know there were more going on in the shadows.  I also some some good-natured fights over Foosball and Skee-Ball.  The bar was packed and we met up with a large group of people who were (mostly) interesting and entertaining.  I got to talk shop with a contributing writer for The Onion and I met some other guys and girls with whom I wouldn’t mind hanging again.  I had to laugh on Saturday when I started going through my purse, because I noticed I had a few business cards from the night before.  Is this how people network?  Looks like it.  The only reason I ever have my business card on me is because I always try to win a free sandwich at Subway, but perhaps I should start carrying them with me wherever I go.  Who knew you could use them for something other than a free lunch?

On Saturday, I bonded with my couch for quite a while.  Once I felt sufficiently rested, I ventured out to The Vic Theatre

I refrained from having a hot dog

for  Brew & View.  The Vic is an old theater that acts as a music venue many nights of the week.  When it’s not holding shows, it’s showing movies – and since there are bars in the theater, it’s socially acceptable to drink during the flicks.  The movies are $5 a pop which is almost half as cheap as a matinee in a regular theater, so it’s a win win.  I went with a different lady friend of mine and we were excited for their $4 Long Islands – until we got there and were told that they ran out of the Long Island mix.  An hour before showtime.  My friend started getting sassy and commented that it was funny they ran out of the drink special before the night really started and the bartender was a bit of a jerk right back to her.  We decided to grab a drink down the street before the show and we passed a liquor store on the way, which made us think of buying mixer and demanding the barkeep make us those Long Islands.  In the end, we settled for a few beers and caught the hilarious Get Him to the Greek.  It was a funny movie made better by cheap tickets, drinks and good company.

Sunday was not exactly a day of rest but rather a day of errands.  I scrubbed my kitchen and bathroom because I got on some weird cleaning tangent I couldn’t ignore, then decided to enjoy the slightly-less than sweltering weather by walking a couple miles to Trader Joe’s.  One day (perhaps soon) I shall devote a blog post or poem to this wonderful grocery store but today I’ll just say that I really like love it very much.  On my way, I passed a funky looking thrift shop that I’ve seen numerous times but never had the chance to check out.  Well, I changed that yesterday.  I spent over an hour perusing the rooms and while I only purchased a single marble (from the ’30’s – it’s huge, green and oh so cool) I found lots of other stuff that struck my fancy.  I could’ve killed much more time in there but as I had evening plans I was forced to stick to a schedule.  That doesn’t mean I didn’t see some awesome stuff though and at one point, as I was sitting and flipping through a box of records, I heard a strange sound coming from behind me.  As I was fairly close to a wall, I turned around not knowing what to expect.  This is what I saw:

Reminded me of Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun

Creepy, no?  Even creepier because it was moving.  That’s right, it was a full on spit with plastic doll heads as the main course.  In the very back corner in the very back room of the place.

That right there is what sealed the deal on my love for this little thrift shop.  I will most certainly be back, and if I ever lose all of my marbles I know where I can find some more.



  1. Mega said,

    No Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

    Losing your touch I see.

    • webpaige said,

      Ha I was pretty sure I mentioned that the photo a day thing was a one-week deal. I’d become a full blown stalker otherwise.

  2. le Singe said,

    you like pac man check out the video this swiss artist made, it’s pretty awesome.

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