Angels and Mariachis and Angels in the Outfield

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The first part sounds like a band name, doesn’t it?  Eh, a rock and roll themed Mexican restaurant is close enough.

I sat here!

I went to Angels and Mariachis last night to have dinner and drinks with some friends of mine.  This lovely couple has been in my circle for years but it’s only now that we’re living in the same city that we’re getting to see more of one another.  Since Angels has $3 margaritas on Wednesday nights, we figured we should give the place a try – and I’m so glad we did!

We sat outside and while the service wasn’t the greatest, it was at least somewhat entertaining.  I’m not sure if it was a prerequisite for employment or not but both the hostess and our waitress had on super long false eyelashes.  That, combined with their oversized t-shirts, extremely short shorts and ample jewelry, provided sufficient rock star attire.  After we finally got our drinks we began to peruse the menu, which wasn’t huge but did look tasty.  Chips and two types of salsa came out with our drinks and we ordered a queso to go along with it.  The queso was delicious but I find it’s hard to go wrong with cheese.  For dinner, I had an asparagus taco.  Yeah I know – I was a little concerned about the taste of the thing myself, but it was surprisingly good.  Asparagus isn’t something I would normally think to add to a taco but it worked!

Then we had a couple more drinks (it’s hard not to when they’re $3 a pop).  I had been enjoying the pomegranate margaritas but when I ordered my third one (shut up, they were small) it came back a different color.  Apparently they ran out of pomegranate so our server improvised and said that it was on her, even if I did like it.  Of course I liked it so I enjoyed my final drink even more because it was free.

I actually spent an insanely low amount of money overall.  My friends were gracious enough to cover the queso so my bill looked something like this:

  • Drink #1: $3
  • Drink #2: $3
  • Asparagus taco with beans and rice: $3.50 (so cheap!)
  • Drink #3: Free!

Total: $9.50 (excluding tip)

Can’t beat that!  Well, I suppose if everything were free that would’ve been better, but I’m not living in Neverland.  Spending less than ten bucks for an entire night’s worth of food, adult beverages and fantastic company was entirely worth it.

Later, I was walking home from the train when a car passed and honked.  I instinctively turned around, didn’t see

Does this really work? I think complimenting someone on their land legs would be a good way to get a date

anything and kept on walking.  I live in an area where people aren’t exactly shy about cat calling to ladies walking down the street and I usually just ignore it.  A moment later, though, I heard a shout.  I turned again and the guys who had just driven past had pulled over so one could get out of the car and chase me down.  Uh, what?  I stood guard, one hand on the pocket knife on my keychain (because I’m hardcore like that) and made sure I was plainly visible in the street lamp.  The guy just started hitting on me though, saying he thought I was cute and wanted to get to know me.  He even pulled out his cell phone as if I was offering my number.  Riiiight.  I actually know a girl who met her current boyfriend when he hollered at her from his car while she was jogging, but I’m not about to start dating just any dude off the street.  I made excuses, turned around and called my sister for the rest of my walk home.  And I laughed, because while his approach took cojones, it was also rather silly.  Perhaps it’s worked for him in the past and if so more power to him, but I’m just not that kind of girl.

So that was my night.  Oh, Chicago, how I love thee.

And in my second to last Photo-A-Day of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I bring you:

I see dead people...I mean angels

I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted a picture from his Angels in the Outfield days but another never hurts.  This movie also featured Danny Glover (yes, of Operation Dumbo Drop fame) as the tough baseball coach who winds up with a heart of gold and Christopher Lloyd as…well, head angel.

I pretty much know every word to this movie by heart.  If you ever want to watch it (and you think you can handle me reciting the entire thing) just let me know!

But you bring the tacos.


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