Celebrity Crush

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Everybody has one – an actor or actress that you’ve followed through the years and can’t help but have a hugely ridiculous crush on.  Maybe you’ve even convinced yourself that if you two were to meet in real life, sparks would fly, you would instantly fall in love and live happily ever after.  This is insane, of course.  Except in my case, because if I met Joseph Gordon-Levitt in person I know we would quickly become inseparable as he realized what an exceptional catch I happen to be.

My Google image search has proven to be quite distracting today...

Okay, I’m not so crazy to think that we’re actually meant for each other.  In fact, there could very well be aspects of his real life personality that I would find to be a huge turn off (I would be willing to test this theory, for science).  I think the real reason I like JGL (as he’s known in my heart) is because I’ve been watching him since we were both kids.  The first thing I really remember him in was Angels in the Outfield, which was released in 1994.  I still have it on VHS someplace.  He’s briefly appeared in some of my favorite television shows of all time (Family Ties, Roseanne, Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, That 70’s Show) and he’s been in over 30 films.  You might remember him from his 3rd Rock from the Sun days too (I know I do).  He’s played some crazy roles in a few indie movies and his latest flick Inception is getting him more recognition than he’s probably ever had (it’s about time – the guy can act).  I won’t go into how great of a movie Inception is because you should check it out for yourself…but it’s pretty fantastic.  I don’t see movies in the theater very often but I may just see this one there twice.

See how well he plays disbelief and confusion in Angels in the Outfield?

The fact that JGL has gone from child actor to adult movie star is admirable, but to do so without any of the stereotypically tragic or trashy in-between is a feat in itself.  He spent that part of his life at Columbia University, and we all know brains are a turn on.  I think it’s awesome that he’s been able to transition from child star to serious actor so smoothly and I have no doubt that he’s going to keep on making great movies for many years to come.  I know this is going to sound silly at best and slightly stalker-esque at worst, but I’m proud of him.  Since he’s been in some of my favorite movies of all time, he’s earned himself a special place in my heart and it makes me happy to see him successful.  If he had turned into a raging drug addict who was living in the sewer…well, no amount of cuteness would make me appreciate that.  I’m glad that he grew up the right way and I’m even more glad that he’s still making movies that I can respect and ahem drool over.

JGL, thanks for everything.  Keep up the good work and if you’re ever in Chicago I will gladly buy you a drink!

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  1. Mega said,

    That guy? THAT guy?!

    Good choice.

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