Month at the Museum!

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Unlike most Friday’s, I’m actually quite focused today.  I’ve had one thing and one thing only on my mind for over a week now and I think it’s finally time I share it with the blogosphere.

Ohmanohmanohmanohman does this sound cool!

The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago is looking for someone to live there for an entire month.  That’s right, the lucky winner will eat, sleep, work and shower (I hope) in the 14 acre building.  From here on out I’m going to pretend that the winner will be me, to make writing this post easier and because I really, really hope it will be.  I would have “limited to prohibited” contact with the outside world, including my email, cell phone and yes even this blog.  I would however have another blog I’d be writing on to give updates of all the cool and exciting things I’d be doing with my time in the museum.  I’d also be working with the museum guests and anyone else they wanted me to interact with, doing pretty much whatever MSI wants.  I am totally, 100% okay with this and it honestly sounds like the opportunity of a lifetime.

I already blog almost every day, I write for two publications every month, I love working with kids and spent four years in college creating fun and educational programming for an after school organization, I have degrees in English and Anthropology, I love to travel and experience new things, I’m outgoing and funny (or so I’ve been told), I love to take pictures and have taken some decent ones in my time and my ultimate dream is to  work in a museum in Chicago where I could help people of all ages learn and appreciate new and different things.  I’m even taking a class at Northwestern in late August that’s all about museum exhibits – the creation, design, set up, funding and implementation that goes behind what we see on the floor.  Seriously, this position feels like it was made for me.  It’s been rather difficult to not get too excited about it – I’ve literally been kept up at night envisioning how cool it would be to be the lucky person chosen.  Honestly, I have a hard time falling asleep because I start to think about what that person will be doing with their nights in a few months and my imagination is off and running before I can do a  thing to stop it.  Before I know it, half an hour has passed and my heart’s beating too fast for me to even think about sleep.

I first heard about this whole thing from someone I don’t really even speak to anymore but she sent me an email saying it sounded so much like me she had to pass it along.  She was right.  I got a tingly sensation in my stomach and my heart rate spiked when I was reading the description.  It sounds too good be true and it just might be, but I’m going for it either way!

I imagine it would be a little like this, only with super cool science stuff instead of Robin Williams

To apply, I need to fill out an application, write an essay, provide a head shot and make a 60 second DVD about why I should be chosen.  I’ve been working on the application and essay for a week and have rewritten the application at least three times.  I’ve also been practicing my spiel for the video and will be filming that this weekend.  If I make it to the top three, our videos go up online and people get to vote – you can bet that I’d be sharing that link!

I’m not foolish enough to think it would be easy.  Staying in one building, no matter how large, for an entire month would be a challenge and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think I’d get scared at night, all alone in that huge place.  I’m also so used to having complete internet and cell phone access at my fingertips that I’m sure I’d go through withdrawals, but it would be totally worth it.  Like the description says, astronauts and sailors don’t have the web or cell phones and they seem to make it just fine.  As for my job…well, I’d probably have to quit but there’s a cash prize for successful completion of the month and that would be enough to last me while I found a new one.  It would be my dream come true for my next full time job to actually be in a museum, and this adventure could perhaps help with that as well.  See how perfect it is?  It feels like such a good fit that I’m all giddy just writing about it.

So this is where all of my attention and focus has been lately.  I’ve had to put some things on the back burner so I can work on this entire application but I’m not complaining.  If this pans out and I actually win the contest, I will probably pass out from sheer excitement.  Or scream like a five year old girl and then do a ridiculous dance that would rival anything ever seen before.  Or scream while dancing and then pass out, which is the most likely scenario.

This is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever seen.  I know I would do a great job and I know I would enjoy myself, no matter how much of a challenge it might be.  Everything is due by August 11th and I’ll find out if I made the top 3 by August 25th.  Until then I’ll be holding my breath and keeping my fingers and toes crossed.  Feel free to send me some lucky vibes and if everything works out the way I sincerely hope it does, you all will be among the first to know!

*Disclaimer to anyone from the Museum who may one day read this blog…I know the post before this talks about how clumsy I can be but that clumsiness won’t interfere with my ability to live in the Museum – and I promise not to accidentally destroy any of your exhibits!


  1. Debbie said,

    If anyone deserves this, it’s you. GO GIRL!!!

  2. Lucy said,

    I’m cheering you on!

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