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I love pizza.  I always have and I always will.  I am perfectly fine eating pizza three nights a week and I’ve been known to eat it for breakfast too.  My love for pizza runs eternal and nothing could ever change that.  Seriously – I really love pizza.  Even delivering for Domino’s did nothing to quell my fondness for toppings and sauce on a bit of cooked bread.

When I moved to Chicago, I was excited to live in a city that would cater to my cravings.  Not that the college town I lived in before lacked pizza places (quite the opposite – there were many to choose from and quite a few were open ridiculously late) but Chicago is known for pizza.

Deep dish pizza, to be specific

The apartment I live in is directly across the street from a Little Caesar’s.  When I moved in, I would look at it disdainfully and tell myself that I could never settle for pie from a chain store while living in the city.  Even if it did smell sinfully good, places like Giordano’s, Pizzeria Uno, Gino’s and Lou Malnati’s were surely superior.   Then I really started eating Chicago pizza and learned that a little goes a long way.

I might get my Chicago citizen card taken away for this, but I actually prefer thin crust.  Deep dish is amazing and all but

Thin crust pizza from Crust in Chicago

I can only eat a slice or two before feeling just a little ill and much too full.  Also, traditional Chicago pizza is not cheap.  I like New York Style pizza because I can eat ten pieces and still have room for ice cream.  I also like being able to appreciate the toppings and not have them disappear into a hunk of bread.  Luckily Chicago has quite a few thin crust pizza places around so I’m never too far from a good piece of pie.

And yes, I eventually made it to Little Caesar’s.  I held off for months but one night, after a few too many beers, I realized how gloriously delicious a $5 pizza could be.  I had a hankering for pizza last night too and seeing as how my manfriend and I were too lazy to do anything else, the place across the street got our business.  And I have leftovers, which is pretty awesome.

It’s taken me over a quarter century to realize this, but pretty much all pizza is good.  Thick, thin, stuffed crust or not – you can’t go wrong.  My personal favorite has BBQ sauce and pineapples (sounds questionable but I swear it’s tasty) though I’m happy with cheese and veggies too.  Pizza is great no matter how you cut it and you can bet your ass that I’ll be enjoying it until I’m so old I have to drink it through a straw.

In case you didn't pick up on it...


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  1. Mega said,

    I hate pizza. Blech

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