These Shoes are Made for Walking

July 20, 2010 at 1:43 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

Over the last week or so I’ve been asked three times about the flip-flops I’ve been wearing.  This is mostly because the people doing the asking are incredulous that I’m wearing sandals as I walk miles around the city.  I gave them all my spiel on why these are the greatest shoes ever and that got me thinking about all of the people on the web who could benefit from my shoe wisdom as well.  So consider this my voluntary plug for Teva (and Teva, if you’re reading this…I’ll write more reviews if you want to pay me).

Here it is, the Teva women’s Olowahu sandal.  I purchased these shoes about five years ago and it was the best $20 I’ve ever spent.  And I’ve found some great deals for $20 in my day.  These flip-flops have traveled with me to three different continents and have stuck on my feet through countless miles around Chicago.  I’ve tracked wild animals, hiked through the bush, walked on beaches, dragged myself through muddy music fests and traipsed through volcanic and geothermal areas all while wearing these shoes.  They’re pretty much the only pair I wear during the summer and have been for these past five years.

They have to be the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my feet (with the exception of feather filled silk socks…but I only did that the once).  The straps aren’t plastic or rubber like most flip-flops and so your feet never get that mauled, torn up look.  The padding is resistant yet has a nice give and it almost feels like I’m walking on air.  I know that sounds hokey but I tell no lies.  The shoes are water-resistant too and they maintain a good grip even when walking on wet rocks in the middle of a creek.  I walk at least two miles in them just about every day and I’ve never once regretted my choice in footwear.

I’ve talked these shoes up enough that more than one person has bought a pair after hearing me preach.  My mom seems to love hers and I recommended them to someone else just yesterday.  I would assume that most Teva footwear is comfortable but for the price of these sandals and the array of colors they offer, I don’t think they can be beat.  I prefer my straight up black ones as I can wear them with just about everything, but they have lots more to choose from if you’re feeling saucy.

As I mentioned, I’ve had mine for five years, give or take.  I just now started thinking about buying a replacement pair because I feel some of the bounce has been lost from my step.  That’s really not bad, considering all the mileage I’ve put on ’em.

Thesis:  Tevas are awesome.  The end.


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