Old Friends are Great Friends

July 19, 2010 at 2:01 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend some good quality time with a few old friends.  Two ladies I went to college with came and stayed with me and we had a blast.  We managed to piss off a frozen ice vendor, tour a museum, take a boat ride, eat at Harry Caray’s, walk around downtown, have martinis while playing Jenga, almost light some guy’s ass on fire and make a late night taco run – and that was just Saturday.  The women in question are two of my favorites and they really know how to have a good time.  They also happen to be two of the smartest and most inspiring women I know and just being in their presence makes me happy.  I’m so thankful we were able to hang out and I only wish they lived here so we could do it more often.

If I'm lucky, we'll be taking pictures like this in 40 years

They left on Sunday and after I cried for hours over their departure (okay not really, but I was sad to see them go), I went to my monthly book club meeting – a recap of that will appear later this week.  I took a big fat huge nap after our meeting and then got ready to have another reunion with an old friend, a girl from high school.

She and her mom were touring the city this weekend and I’m really glad we were able to meet up.  This is a girl I was very close with all through junior high and while we drifted apart during our later high school years, she’s always been special to me (cue awww sound here).  Her mom is a really great woman too and was actually my guidance counselor in high school as well as my golf team coach.  Yes, I played golf, though only for one year as I am no Tiger Woods.  Her mom was always really patient with my craptacular golf skills and she would gently reprimand me for my cursing habit on the green when she should’ve probably just kicked my ass off the course.

Anyway.  I hadn’t seen either of these gals in over eight years and we were able to pick up right where we left off.  Don’t you just love that?  We reminisced, chatted about mutual acquaintances and just generally caught up on what was going on with each other.  We sat and talked for about three hours (there might’ve been a beer or two in there as well) and I didn’t want to leave.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t on a vacation and touring the city so I had to head home before it got too late.

All in all, it was a great weekend and I’m still not sure what I did to deserve it.  It was good to be reminded that I have some truly amazing people in my life and I try not to take that for granted.

Which is how I’m sure Hillary feels about Barack.



  1. LAJ said,

    Just read this – who were you talking about here 😉 You make road trips worth living – even without the CDs!!

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