Friday Round-Up

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Here’s a bunch of random news articles I’ve seen this week.  You may or may not have seen them also, so feel free to bypass the links.

  • NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association have both released data saying that last month was the hottest June on record since records have been kept (1880).  We’re on track for the warmest year in history.  Sort of hard to think that the whole global warming thing is bunk now, huh?
  • The University of Montreal recently tried to do a study comparing the views of men in their 20’s who have never watched pornography to men who watch it regularly.  Problem is, they couldn’t find one single man who had never seen porn.  I could’ve told them that would happen, but they just didn’t ask me.
  • For the first time in three months, oil has stopped leaking in the Gulf.  It’s not for good though – this test is designed to last 48 hours at the most and will determine exactly how well this cap will work.  It seems to be holding steady so far and that’s great but we’re not in the clear quite yet.  And as a friend of mine said, I can’t help but think of the cartoons where one leak is stopped but another starts in a new and unseen place.  Fingers crossed, though.
  • A new food could be released soon, if the whole lawsuit thing goes away.  Have you heard of the Candwich?  Yup, it’s a sandwich in a can.  Sounds healthy and delicious, right?  And with flavors like Peanut Butter and Jelly and BBQ Chicken, it’s sure to be a hit.  At least with college kids, graduate students and the homeless.  If this product ever hits the shelves and any of you are brave enough to try it, I wouldn’t mind a review.
  • The Barefoot Bandit was caught this week.  Colton Harris-Moore is a 19 year-old criminal who’s accused of stealing at least five small aircraft, a boat, two cars and breaking into over 100 homes over the last few years.  He eluded police for that entire time and even seemed to mock them after some of his robberies.  He has a huge fan base on Facebook because apparently people like the idea of a modern day fugitive, but his popularity is what did him in.  Someone recognized him in the Bahamas (where he flew in a plane he stole from Bloomington, Indiana!) and after a standoff with police he was taken into custody.  I almost feel sorry for the guy but I’m sure I would think otherwise if my home was one of the ones he pillaged.
  • Also this week, Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize same sex marriage.  Way to make history, Argentina!  I hope other countries soon follow in your progressive footsteps.

In other news, I’ve booked my next vacation!  My mom, sister and I will be spending a week in an all-inclusive resort on Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, in September.  Plane tickets are booked and I cannot wait!  I’d also like to take a solo trip later in the year (I’m thinking Canada) but this Mexico vacation is more than enough to look forward to.  The countdown started three days ago.

And last but in no way least…R.I.P. to my great-aunt (and great Aunt), JoAnn Keller.  Jo Jo was a smart woman with a wicked sense of humor and she once helped me through a very rough time.  She was also there for other family members when they needed her and that will never be forgotten.  She had been ill and her quality of life wasn’t what she deserved so I sincerely hope she’s in a better place.  Thanks for everything Jo Jo, and I’ll drink one for you tonight.



  1. Debbie said,

    JoJo would be honored to be mentioned in your blog. She was an original, funny person to be around & will be missed by all. Your sister & I will have a drink in her honor tonight as well.

  2. Mega said,

    I’m sorry to hear about your auntie…hugs.

    I’m jealous of your trip.

    Also…porn? Never seen one in my life.

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