Can’t Phone Home

July 15, 2010 at 12:38 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I left my cell phone at home today.

At least, I hope it’s at home.  I distinctly remember checking the bus tracker as I brushed my teeth and after that I usually put all my stuff in my bag, but when I went to grab the phone later it just wasn’t there.  That means that either I left it sitting on the couch in my living room or it vanished into thin air sometime between my front door and my bus stop.  I sincerely hope it’s the former.  Guess I’ll find out when I get home tonight.

I’ve also had the No Doubt song Spiderwebs in my head since roughly the instant I realized I didn’t have it.  Coincidence?  I think not.

I’m surprised and ashamed at how naked I feel without my phone.  I reached for it three times on my commute to work and was sadly reminded that it wasn’t there.  How else will I text, check weather and read Texts From Last Night at the same time?  What will I use to kill time while I’m hiding from small children in the bathroom?  I usually keep my phone off during the work day (this is mostly because the battery life rather blows) so it’s not bothering me too much right now but I know I’ll feel it again on my way home.  I always have a book with me so it’s not like I’m searching for something to entertain me on my half hour train ride, but I do enjoy making calls and listening to music on my half hour walk home.  I suppose today I’ll have to make up my own music and talk to myself.  Wouldn’t be the first time for that.

It’s amazing how much we rely on these little gadgets.  I remember my very first cell phone, a behemoth by today’s

Oh the memories

standards.  I got it when I turned 16 (they had also recently become mainstream at this point) and it proved handy when my car broke down or I was running the risk of missing curfew (not like that ever happened…).  It wasn’t until I visited Europe in 2005 that I ever even heard of texting, and it was another couple of years before that caught on here.  It’s been interesting to watch the evolution of cell phones, especially since they’ve been around since I was a teenager.  Trying to imagine a world without cells is like trying to imagine a world without the Internet – I just can’t seem to wrap my head around it.  I’m not saying it would be impossible to go without but it would make things a bit more difficult.

Like today.  It’s not physically hurting me to be sans phone but it is rather uncomfortable and I feel like I’m missing something important.  Chances are there will be zero missed calls or texts when I get home but just having it back in my pocket will make me feel better.  That is, if it’s there.  If it’s not then I’m going to have to figure out where the invisible black hole is in my apartment building and start exploring.  Perhaps I’ll find my first cell phone there too…


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