Ode to the Megabus

July 9, 2010 at 2:28 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

As I prepare to make another journey on the Megabus, I thought maybe writing a poem would help everything go according to schedule.  Fingers crossed!

Oh, bus of public transit

with your double levels and free wi-fi

I love that I always find a place to sit

even if it’s near a rather creepy guy.

Better yet is when I have two seats alone

since I always have my large backpack

I’d much rather sit solo than listen to someone yak on the phone

so I can spread out with my laptop and snack.

Sure, often I stand around and wait

that’s not so fun, I’m not going to lie

it’s times like that when it’s easy to hate

but hey, you’re much cheaper than having to fly.

I’ve come to rely on you so much since I lost my car

and while I miss driving, it is worth a mention

that it’s nice to stop by the Union Station bar

and get a ride to Indiana without having to pay attention.

So, dear Megabus, thanks for everything

I’ll be seeing you soon enough

and to my face a smile you will bring

if you don’t make this trip too tough.


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