Baby I Want Your Number

July 8, 2010 at 1:18 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

As a wannabe cultural anthropologist, I think it’s interesting to hear and/or see stories of people getting hit on because it gives a glimpse into the courting rituals in our culture.  It’s also often quite entertaining.  I met a guy after a train ride home earlier this week (all my best stories come from the train) and our encounter led me to think we were playing a game of 20 questions and I just hadn’t been told.  The guy was slightly sketchy and slightly douchey and the combination was neither alluring or attractive.  Our walk went a little something like this:

As we stand on the platform, waiting for the train to pass so we can cross.

Guy:  “It’s hot out, isn’t it?”

Me:  “Yup.” (it was in the 90’s.  Obviously a bit warm).

Guy:  “Do you live around here?”

Me:  “Yeah, a few miles that way.” (said while waving my hand in a vague and general direction).

Not the actual Guy, but not far from it

Guy:  “That’s cool, I just moved a few blocks over myself.  Which way do you walk home?”

This was asked as we were already walking down the street.

Me:  “Down this street for a while.”

Guy:  “Cool.  How old are you?”

Me:  *Note:  I don’t really mind this question but I did think it was a little forward. “How old are you?”

Guy:  “I’m 26.” (in my opinion, old enough to know better than to ask a woman he just met how old she is).

Me:  “Me too.”

Guy:  “Are you single?”

Me:  “No, I’m not.”  *Another note: whether or not this is actually true is irrelevant here.

Guy:  “Yeah, I figured.  Do you have air conditioning?”

Me:  “Um, not central air, just window units.”

At this point, we came to an intersection.  I noted which way he was headed and turned to go in the other direction, having answered about as many questions as I could handle.  He wasn’t finished yet.

Guy:  “You’re going that way?”

Me:  “Yup.”

Guy:  “Can I get your number?”

Here is where I tried not to laugh.  I didn’t want to seem bitchy or insensitive, but c’mon.  You read our dialogue.  Did I give any indication that I was interested in handing out my digits?  I thought I had tried my best not to encourage him.

Me:  shaking my head, “Maybe we’ll see each other on the train sometime.”  Waves bye.

In all honesty, I don’t think we’ll ever actually run into each other on the train again.  The day we met was the day the trains were running on a holiday schedule and I usually catch one that comes almost an hour earlier.  Sorry, Guy.  But not really.

I still couldn’t help feeling like a jerk.  I never want to make anyone feel bad and I don’t get hit on too often, but I’ve found there’s never an easy way to tell someone you’re not interested.  C’est la vie, right?

Although, maybe he was just trying to use me for my AC units…


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