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July 1, 2010 at 12:57 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

Is it Friday yet?

This week has been long and tiring and my brain hurts.  That said, I’m simply going to post a couple of interesting links today.  I’m also including a picture of a baby orangutan and a tiger cub, because I can.  Hope you enjoy!

Link number one comes from the blog of the Director of Pastoral Care for The Marin Foundation.  He’s a very Christian man who spent last weekend at the Chicago Pride festival (which I wish I could’ve gone to.  Ugh weddings).  Anyway, he tells the story of how he and some others stood at Pride holding signs.  These are not the signs you would think a bunch of Christian activists would be holding at a gathering in the GLBT community, but perhaps they should be.  For those of you who won’t read the article, his signs apologized to all of the GLBT’s for the hatred, discrimination and homophobia they’ve endured over the years.  He goes on to write about how many people came over and hugged him or simply said “thanks” for acknowledging that many Christians don’t always act Christ-like.  I do recommend you read it, because it’s a touching story with a poignant picture.  If more Christians were like this guy, I might find my way back to the church.

Link number two will take you to a website devoted to finding new words that don’t have direct translations to English.  My particular favorite is Utepils, which is Norwegian for “to sit outside on a sunny day enjoying a beer”.  Remember, these are loose translations, but I think the English language needs more words like that.

If I’m lucky, I’ll utepils all weekend long.


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