Photoshopped Fakery

June 24, 2010 at 2:09 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

I have limited time for posting today and tomorrow, as tomorrow I will be leaving before lunch to drive home and attend my cousin’s wedding.  Rather than not posting anything, though, I wanted to share something which recently outraged me.

Photoshopping has been done for years and it’s effects are controversial.  I could rant and rave about how detrimental it is to young women (and yes, men) to see celebrities and models glamorized for a look that is pretty much humanly impossible.  Case in point:  this recent image of Faith Hill from Redbook Magazine.

Redbook caters mostly to post college-aged women, so exactly what are they trying to accomplish with this?  Let me tell you.  Theoretically, the reader (consumer) sees this and thinks that’s the standard of beauty for a woman her age.  Conveniently, the magazine is chock full of ads for lotions, creams, make up, clothing and gyms that promise to help you achieve this exact look.  The magazine could not run without the ads, and the ads would be worthless without the magazine.  See how this works?

Here is another link, showing mostly Photo-shopped celebrities.  What really gets me is how none of these people need the retouching to begin with.  It’s not like any of them have disfiguring scars or abnormal growths protruding from their body – and even if they did, why should we hide that?  It just goes to show how much worth our culture (and we’re not the only one) places on a nonexistent standard of beauty.  No wonder eight year old girls are being treated for eating disorders.

At least some of those in the public eye are starting to talk about this, and I hope that trend continues.  Real women (and men) come in all shapes and sizes and trying to pigeonhole us into one look is just plain silly, as are some of the results of professional Photoshop attempts.

This fine example is provided by the good people at Ralph Lauren.  Would anyone really want to look like that?  Is it even possible without falling over?  Highly doubtful.

End rant.  Thanks for listening.


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