Top Five Sounds I Hate

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Um yeah.  The title of this post should be pretty self-explanatory.

Disclaimer: I know that most of these are sounds that nearly everyone hates.  That’s fine, perhaps you can take some consolation in knowing that you’re not alone.  Misery loves company, right?

1.  The Trash Truck

I hate this sound even more than that of my alarm clock, which is coming in second.  The trash and/or recycling truck that backs up near my bedroom window every Monday and Thursday morning is the bane of my existence.  If I wear earplugs then I don’t hear my alarm go off (learned that the hard way) and putting pillows over my head doesn’t drown out the noise.  Even with a fan or air conditioning unit on, that horribly awful beep beep beep works its way into my dreams.  The truck usually shows up about a half hour before my alarm is set to go off, so not only does it wake me up but it reminds me that my sleep time is almost over.  Bastard trucks (but thanks for clearing away my trash and recycling).

2.  My Alarm Clock

This one is pretty much a given, as I don’t know many people who relish the sound of their alarm going off.  I use my cell phone as an alarm, so it’s not as cool as the one seen here.  Every morning when it starts to ring, I can’t help but think of clever ploys to get out of going into work for the day.  That’s what gets me out of bed, because while I never actually call in, it’s nice knowing that I could.

One annoying thing about using your cell as your alarm is the fact that sometime, somewhere, you will be out in public and hear your alarm go off in the form of another person’s ring tone.  It will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and you won’t know just why you’re cringing until you link the sound to your morning awakening.  And it will suck, just like it does when you wake up.

3.  Car Alarms

I would almost rather listen to some random dude with cymbals than a car alarm, provided the cymbals were struck only once.  A car alarm, on the other hand, will shriek and shriek until either an insanely long interval of time has passed or its oblivious owner shuts it up.  I never realized how obnoxious car alarms were until I moved to the city.  The other sounds I can handle – fire trucks, police cars and ambulance sirens are typically en route to help someone, so I can let those slide.  The car alarm that goes off after someone drives by playing their bass too loud, though, gets no love from me.

4.  My Office Phone

This is the phone that I answer all day, every day.  I hear it when I go into other offices or businesses, because it’s pretty much standard everywhere.  I hear it at my dentist.  I hear it in my sleep.   I’m sure that one day, I’ll hear it in my coffin as well.

5.  Anytime I’m Told I Don’t Have the Secret Password

Especially when I’m Samuel L. Jackson and I’m trying to save a theme park from a bunch of errant dinosaurs.  Man, do I hate that.

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  1. 2ordinary said,

    I hate the end credits sound from the Simpsons. Cause that means the Simpsons are over.

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