Friday Round-Up

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It’s that time again!

I know my post yesterday was all about sports, and I have one more sporty comment.  Today marks the beginning of the World Cup (soccer, folks) and this is a HUGE deal in just about every country other than America.  Don’t get me wrong, plenty of Americans are into this as well, but people elsewhere are losing their shit over this event.  It’s being held in Cape Town, South Africa, and I just have to say that I’ve seen this with my own eyes:

This is the stadium that the Cup is being held in, and when I saw it it actually looked a little less put together than it does in this picture (it was 2007, after all).  It was cool to see where they were building it and I know how much of a boon this is to the people of Cape Town and the country of South Africa in general, so I can’t help but support it.  I hope it provides jobs, revenue, pride and fun for the people in those townships.

Something else I can’t help but support is the new legislation that was passed in Iceland.  In case you’re interested, here is a link.  It basically says that “Althingi parliament voted 49 to zero to change the wording of marriage legislation to include matrimony between “man and man, woman and woman,” in addition to unions between men and women.” Passing same-sex marriage legislation with absolutely zero political interference?  Thanks, Iceland, for giving other countries something to aim for!

And now that I’ve talked about some positive things, I’m going to take a bit of time to bitch a little.  You know what really fries my veggie-bacon?  People who talk incessantly on cell phones while they ride public transportation.  I sat next to a woman on the train earlier this week who didn’t shut up once for the duration of the hour-long ride.  I got to hear all about her leg problems and how her doctor didn’t think acupuncture was going to work but how she was going to go through with it anyway, and then she launched into a tirade about a fight she was having with her boyfriend.  I gave her The Look a few times but she was oblivious.  This kind of thing happens a lot and while I’ve mostly learned to grin and bear it, there are sometimes when I get close to losing my cool.   Take, for instance, the extremely loud and vulgar guy who rides my morning train.  He is always on his cell phone and he is always cussing like a sailor.  I’ve been known to let a swear or two loose in my day but I seriously hear the f bomb drop from his mouth at least three times as I walk past him – and this is every morning.  There was actually an announcement on the train today to please watch your language, as some patrons might get offended, and I can only imagine it was aimed at him.  Whether or not he took his head out of his ass long enough to get the message is a different story.

The other thing I would like to take a minute to lament is the upcoming weather forecast for this weekend.  Chicago summers are what makes living here through the winter bearable, and when thunderstorms are predicted for an entire weekend it’s cause for revolt.  The biggest literary event in the Midwest is taking place downtown this weekend and I have been looking forward to it since last year – booksellers from all over the city set up booths and books are for sale, cheap.  It’s heaven on pavement for a girl like me and I plan on hitting it up sometime this weekend.  I’ll be an unhappy camper if my books get all soggy though, so the rain best hold itself off.  Same goes for the Blues Fest that’s also happening all weekend long.  Really, weather, how are you going to treat us like that?  You can bet that my fingers are crossed that the local meteorologist, Amy Freeze (yup, that’s her real name), is wrong wrong wrong.

Okay enough complaining.  It’s the weekend and rain or shine, I plan on making the most out of it!


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  1. 2ordinary said,

    The weather this weekend blew. But it wasn’t all bad- we tied England in the Cup! U-S-A! U-S-A!

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