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As I mentioned Friday, I went home this past weekend to help celebrate my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary.  Part of the deal involved going to mass, which I usually do when I’m home to appease the family (I’m one of “those” people that considers myself more spiritual than religious).  At the mass, the priest made a special blessing for my grandparents at the end of the service.  Since we all knew this was coming, my grandparents sat in the very front pew to make the blessing easier for the priest, as he held his hands over their head.  And since my grandparents wanted their family with them, my mom, cousin and I sat in the front pew as well.

Now, my family is not small and we usually take up an entire large pew every week.  We sit near the back, as just about every person in my family has a hard time going more 45 seconds without talking to someone.  We also have three small children in the family so the whole near-the-back thing helps with their potential shenanigans, though they are usually pretty well-behaved.  Anyway, this weekend the little ones got to remain in the back while some of us grown-ups had to sit up front.  No one that moved closer to the altar (besides my grandparents) liked this.  In fact, I quickly decided that my first time sitting in the front row of church would also be my last.  Not only did I feel like the priest was watching my every move and making mental notes for why I should be riding in the next handbasket to Hell, but I wasn’t able to talk with anyone.  I won’t say we were silent, but we certainly didn’t have the chatter going back and forth that we usually do.  I realize that people aren’t really supposed to talk in church at all but knowing that every whisper or comment I made was going to be seen by the entire congregation really put me on the spot.  Also, I kept worrying that my skirt was tucked in my underwear, so that was fun.

It was a long 40 minutes (and I also realize that is rather short my conventional church-length standards.  Ironically, our parish has almost doubled since word got out that we have such a quick service).  It was worth it though, because my grandparents were about the cutest thing ever during their blessing.  They held hands and when the priest was finished, my Papa went to kiss his wife.  She, being oblivious per usual, turned her head and went to sit down.  It looked like she was straight up dissing him and so everyone laughed, and he calmly turned her around and went in for the smooch.  Then he wiggled his eyebrows up and down in a suggestive way and everyone laughed again.  It did my heart much good to see them make it another year, and I can only hope that there are many more in their future.

But I’m not sitting in that pew ever again.


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  1. 2ordinary said,

    See now this, this is an excellent story. It has it all, romance, funny, and you having to behave. Fun story: way back in the day, I went to church every weekend like a good lil Lutheran. My half brother had to stand up front for some grade school choir. My immediate younger brother decided to stand up in the back pew in the balcony, to make faces and point at my half brother. Just as an attempt to make him laugh while singing God’s praises. Anyway, thanks for the memories.

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