Friday Round Up

June 4, 2010 at 12:51 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , )

This was probably the craziest thing I saw this week.  I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of the massive sinkhole that swallowed a home, a business and likely at least one person.  The sinkhole likely formed after Tropical Storm Agatha eroded soil and caused flooding in the area.  This hole is at least 100 feet deep (probably deeper) and is almost a perfect circle, which is rare and even more visually insane.  What’s at the bottom?  It is very likely that no one will ever know.  How will they fill it/live around it?  Again, this cannot be answered.  It’s mysterious all around.

Speaking of something mysterious that we will never likely wrap our heads around, I can’t help but mention the Gulf Oil Spill again.  I’m sure you’re all saturated (no pun intended) with stories and as sick to your stomach about it all as I am, but it’s something on my mind and I can’t not talk about it.  It hits close to home with me as a large part of my paternal family lives in south Louisiana.  Many of the pictures I’ve seen come from beaches I used to play on, and it pretty much breaks my heart.  As do these pictures. Be warned before clicking on that – it’s not pretty.  The link shows photos of birds that have fallen victim to the oil, and it’s pretty devastating.  But it’s the truth, and the truth isn’t always easy to handle.

Another truth not easy to handle is the death of Rue McClanahan, better known as Blanche from The Golden Girls.  Wasn’t she a hottie?  I am not ashamed to admit that I love this senior citizen version of Sex and the City and I’m sad that there’s only one Golden Girl left.  Blanche was an extremely entertaining character and gave me high hopes for still being…um, active well into my own older age.   Every woman on that show was pretty much amazing but it was very easy for Rue to steal a scene.  The next notch in my bed post will be made in her honor (not literally.  I don’t even have a bed post).

Speaking of older people still getting it on, I’m heading home this weekend to help celebrate my maternal grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary (and I don’t know if they still get it on, but I would be okay with it if they did.  Old people need lovin’ too).  For their 50th anniversary, they renewed their vows and had a reception.  While dancing with my Papa, I asked him what the secret was to 50 years of marriage.  He told me, and I quote, “I tell her she may be right”.  Gotta love a smart man.  I think it’s amazing that they have made it this long (hell, I think it’s amazing if anyone stays married for 60 years) and I’ll be glad to visit with them and share in their big day.  Also, their party is being held at a winery, so I’m sure I’ll be able to keep myself entertained.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend and, if you have a drink at any point, raise your class to grandparents everywhere!


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