Accidental Mishap with a Turkey Burger

June 1, 2010 at 12:49 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

This weekend was a crazy one.  I spent it with my sister and two old college friends who all came into town for the three-day holiday.  The theme of the weekend was Don’t Get Stabbed, and I’m proud to say we all succeeded in that.  We spent our time hitting street festivals, bars and restaurants, plus visiting with a wide variety of friends.  Good times were had by everyone…except for Saturday during lunch, when I accidentally ingested part of a turkey burger.

Bear with me, it’s a little difficult to write about.

Six of us found a place in Wrigelyville for lunch on Saturday, and we made ourselves comfortable with beer and appetizers.  We all ordered burgers and I ordered my usual veggie (for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a vegetarian for over a decade).  They came out and the waitress handed me mine.  I cut it in half and thought that it didn’t quite look veggie-esque, so I handed it off to my meat-eating sister for verification.  She took a bite and said it was a safe for me to eat, and so I did.  I got a few bites into it (halfway to halfway) before my buddy stopped me with a terrified look in his eyes.  He said he thought he had my veggie burger, and he was right.  I had been chowing down on a turkey burger the entire time, and I had actually thought it was good.  Yes, I admit it, but let’s please never talk about it again.

My sister felt pretty bad (I think) and I’m (pretty) sure she didn’t do it on purpose.  In her defense, she wasn’t expecting a turkey burger and figured she’d just have to decide if it was beef or not.  Obviously, it wasn’t.  In my own defense, I’ve never had a turkey burger in my life (or at least, I hadn’t) so I had no idea what I was biting into.  I knew it didn’t taste like a regular veggie patty but I’ve made scenes before when I thought I was eating meat labeled as vegetarian and I’ve pretty much always been in the wrong, so I figured this one was okay.  My bad.

I have such mixed feelings about this.  I know that it was only half of a half of a sandwich and it wasn’t until after I found out what was in it that I became grossed out and horrified, so of course this makes me question my rationale for not eating meat to begin with.  When I was but a wee lass of 14 and gave it all up for good (I had quit eating red meat four years prior to that) it was mostly because I didn’t really like the taste.  However, I didn’t seem to have a problem with taste when I thought the turkey burger was veggie, and how could I have not noticed?  Sure, I wasn’t expecting it, but I had always thought I would be able to tell a difference.  You can imagine my surprise and disappointment when I learned that I lack an internal meat-eating detector.

The whole thing still grosses me out.  I’m aware that it’s entirely in my head and that eating a bit of turkey won’t kill me, but it sure does make me feel like I’ve compromised on a rather large aspect of myself.  It also made me consider (for a half of a second) whether I should go back to eating some meat in general.  I decided against that pretty quickly though, because once I realized what I was eating I instantly lost my appetite.  I’m well-rounded enough to see a tiny bit of humor in the whole situation (if it hadn’t happened to me I would be inclined to laugh a little more) and I didn’t go bat shit crazy on the waitress, which I was proud of.  Ultimately, I was just kind of sad.  Am I crazy for feeling this way?   Who knows.  I do know, though, that from here on out I will triple check every restaurant burger for proper veggie authentication.


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  1. 2ordinary said,

    Well you didn’t compromise yourself as I was telling you before. It was a simple mistake. From now on, I will personally taste test your meal before you eat it. Just like they did back in the day to ensure the king wasn’t poisoned.

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