Real, Actual Heat Wave

May 25, 2010 at 2:37 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

I’ve spent so much time bitching and moaning about the cold weather here in Chicago that I feel I should pay homage to the heat wave we are currently experiencing.  Seriously, it’s been hot.

These are not the actual temperatures from this week but it’s pretty close.  This past Saturday, I attended an outdoor wedding.  I wore my go-to wedding outfit, which is a little black and white dress.  I was chilly throughout the evening, but I managed to warm myself up with wine from the open bar (maybe a little too much wine, but that’s another story).  When I awoke and walked outside on Sunday, I nearly fell over because it was so surprisingly warm.  The highs hit the low 90’s on Sunday and they were there yesterday as well.  I had thought of going downtown to check out a Turkish festival Sunday afternoon but I couldn’t seem to peel myself from my couch and took a marathon nap instead.  All I can say is I’m thankful my air conditioning unit is finally installed (not just because it helps battle the heat – I don’t have to worry about tripping over it and causing myself bodily harm for at least…oh, say another three months, when I’m sure the weather will start to get cold again).

When I walked out my door yesterday at 6:30am, I was again shocked at the heat and humidity, especially given it was so early in the day.  It’s been a long time since I broke a sweat from simply standing on the train platform.  It’s not as hot out today and this crazy humidity is supposed to taper off as the week goes on, so that’s something to look forward to.  Interestingly, it was hotter here in Chicago over the last two days than it was in either Indiana (250 miles south) or Louisiana (900 miles south).  My family in these two places made sure I knew that.  Thanks, guys.

I find it rather funny that, no matter what the weather is like, we find a way to hate on it.  When it was cold, all I wanted was the heat.  Now it’s hot out and I’m still unsatisfied.  To be honest, this is probably because we went from having temps in the 40’s to the 90’s in a single week (not unheard of for the Midwest, but undesirable nonetheless).  Please, seasons, make a reappearance.  I feel like spring completely passed me by, and I have some cute jackets that would love to be worn for just a few weeks.  Then I’ll bust out the shorts and tank tops and I’ll try not to complain any more.

Until it snows in September.


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