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So apparently there was a big TV event last night.  According to just about every media source I encountered over the weekend, the series finale of LOST was kind of a big deal.  I know many friends of mine held parties and probably even wakes for this long-ish running television show.  I know that those people who have watched from the beginning are mostly rabid, die-hard fans who are going through a type of mourning period right now.  I guess the show was a good one, but I wouldn’t know.  I’ve never seen an episode.

Actually, I take that back.  While visiting a friend in London, we were hanging out with some people in a flat and they watched two or three episodes back to back.  I didn’t really understand what was going on so I didn’t pay much attention, and I didn’t learn anything of the series via osmosis, so I never caught on.  Have I been missing out?  I don’t think my life has been significantly lacking, but what do I know?  Maybe a show with smoke, monsters and a crashed plane would help my entire existence feel more fulfilled.  Probably not though.

I had an idea a while back, which was to watch the very first episode and then the finale, and watch no episodes in between.  I didn’t do this, mainly because I forgot about it until last night and I really didn’t have the desire to devote a whole night to a show I’d never seen.  However, I think it would’ve been a fun experiment to see just how confused I would be at the end.  Who knows though, perhaps it all would’ve made perfect sense and those who spend the last six seasons biting nails would kick themselves for wasting so much time.  However, after being inundated with plot synopsis all day today, I don’t think I would’ve understood it even if I had watched every minute of every episode.

I’ve heard so many differing opinions on the show and finale that I have to wonder if it was really worth it.  Are there many out there who regret investing so much in the show, or are the majority of fans happy with the way things turned out?  As you can tell, I don’t have much of an opinion on the matter.  As far as series finales in general go, I think the last one I watched was The L Word, which definitely has nothing to do with monsters and islands.  So what did you think of LOST – is it worth watching on Netflix or am I better off without ever getting sucked in?  Besides, after everything I’ve seen online today, I already know how it ends.  Don’t worry though, I won’t spoil anything here – the last thing I want is a bunch of angry fans on my bad side.

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  1. 2ordinary said,

    Never seen an episode in my life. I was considering starting up on Netflix.

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