Friday Round Up

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Another Friday, another random post.

Did you know that the Disney company has a global policy that prohibits anyone over the age of nine from wearing a fancy dress in their park?  I guess they’re worried that if someone shows up in an old, tacky wedding dress (like the woman whose story I just linked to), they’ll be mistaken for an actual character.  While reading a bit about this, I also learned that you can purchase wedding dresses inspired by Disney princesses, if your heart so desires.  I personally think that’s just a tad bit nuts, but to each her own.  I know there are women out there who have thought of and planned for their wedding since they were knee-high to a pig’s eye, though that’s about the last thing I would want to use my brain cells for.  Anyway, this here is the Jasmine dress (you can tell because this Anglo-Saxon model looks exactly like the princess in the movie.  Not.)

Speaking of things kids related, we had the cutest little boy in our center this week.  He was seven years old and had quite a thing for all things planetary.  As an autistic child, he has a few specific areas of interest that he simply excels at.  The more I learn about autism and the more I’m around those who are affected by it, the more fascinated I am.  There is nothing wrong with those who have autism and they don’t need to be “fixed”, it simply needs to be understood that they see the world in a different way.  The very first question this little boy asked me was “What’s your favorite planet?”  My recent trip to the Adler Planetarium couldn’t have been more relevant (he had actually been there two days after me), and we spent a while talking about the moons of various planets.  This little boy knew exactly how many moons each planet had and could name them when asked.  He also told me that the only male planet is Jupiter and all the rest are females.  I could get behind that, as I used to designate a sex to both numbers and the letters of the alphabet when I was a kid.  Doesn’t everyone do that?

Moving on, I feel like I should mention the oil spill fiasco in the Gulf once again.  The last time I wrote about it, I mentioned how BP was going to try to drop a huge box on the leak to try to pump the oil above water.  They tried that last weekend and failed – natural gas crystals formed in the box and plugged the outlet at the top.  Since then, estimates have come out that the oil is leaking at almost ten times what BP officials say.  They claim roughly 5,000 barrels are being absorbed by the ocean per day, but a Purdue researcher claims it could be closer to 70,000 barrels.  A day.  So this weekend, after much finger pointing and name calling among all companies involved, BP is going to try something else.  This next attempt involves a tube that will hopefully be placed in such a way that it will suck the oil out and above water.  Even if it works, though, it’s not a permanent solution.  The whole situation is a tragic mess and I don’t really have anything to say about it other than that.  Oh, and my thoughts and praise to all the men and women who are doing their best to clean up a mess they didn’t make.

Here’s a photo to lift your spirits back up:

Feel better?  Good, because I’m not finished typing yet.

A guy in Stockholm recently found a sea serpent type fish, called a Giant Oarfish (warning: if you’re scared of big fish you might want to avoid clicking the link.  I’m thinking of my little sister especially).  The Oarfish is a deep-sea fish last seen in Swedish waters over 130 years ago.  Can you imagine hauling that thing in on the end of a fishing line?  Yeesh.  Apparently this thing can grow up to 36 feet long and is likely what inspired tales of sea serpents back in the day.  The one caught was only 12 feet and will still probably give me nightmares.

That seems an appropriate note to end things on.  I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and stays far, far away from any type underwater monster that could swallow you whole.


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