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In my role as Office Manager, I act as the IT point of contact for the entire office.  Same goes for Human Resources.  This means that I get to process all of that fun new hire tax paperwork when someone starts working here, and it also means that I get to set everything up for the hiring screenings we have a couple of times a year.  Notice how I say ‘get’ like it’s a privilege.  Ever hear of cognitive dissonance?  Yup, pretty much what I’m doing.  Anyway, we had once such hiring screening last night and I’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing.  I’ve been receiving resumes, fielding phone calls, talking to applicants, making copies of all of the tests and materials we hand out during the four-hour said screening, rearranging student rooms and moving dividers, chairs and tables, setting up refreshments, making nametags and hiring folders and generally doing all of the bitch work for the screenings, all while doing my regular work.  It’s been thrilling, let me tell you.

Anyway, as I’ve been preparing for all of this and talking with so many potential employees, I noticed an interesting trend.  It has amazed me at how many people applying for jobs were demanding or downright rude.  For instance, the screening that we had was a one time, four-hour long deal.  Since our screenings take so much work and are so involved, we can’t exactly have them three times a week.  I was rather astounded at how many people tried to weasel their way into another day.  Now, I’m an understanding person and I get that sometimes there are legitimate scheduling conflicts.  However, if I was applying for a position and realized that I was unable to come in during the only interviewing day, the last thing I would do is give the person on the other end of the phone shit for not having more screening options.  Like that’s the way to get on my good side.

I was also rather appalled at the manners of some of the people who turned in resumes.  I don’t think anyone had to tell me to be polite and respectful when on the phone with potential employers, but someone should’ve sent that memo to some of the schmucks I’ve talked to lately.  Being short and curt is one thing (I could maybe attribute that to nerves) but to generally sound like my offer to perhaps hire you is an inconvenience and is stressing you out – well, don’t bother.  Really.  Along those lines, having your mom call and try to schedule the screening for you doesn’t exactly show me that you’re a responsible and independent adult.  Again, this is something I wouldn’t think I’d have to mention, but I had two different applicants’ mothers call and demand a time that would work for their adult child.  I also had one person ask me what exactly my company was.  This did not impress me.  C’mon people, a little internet search can go a long way.

Now a word on emailing.  If you can’t tie a coherent sentence together or don’t understand the rules of basic grammar, then perhaps a job in the educational field isn’t right for you.  Just a thought.  I had one girl email me multiple times without once addressing me or anyone else in the company – it was just so informal and casual that I couldn’t help but not take her seriously.  Sorry girlie, your poor emailing skills placed you on my shit list.

If you’re in the market for employment, hopefully some of this rant will help you along your way.  I also hope that I don’t sound like an uncaring, humorless HR bitch but this stuff was a bit irksome.  I know that everyone deserves a chance (and most people deserve a second) but acting like a little kid applying for a grown up job will not help you get your foot in the door.  It’s a tough world, folks, and there are people like me out there just waiting to crush your hopes and dreams.  Or at least shred your resume.


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    Since you’re doing other work in addition to your own, I have some to pass along to you.

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