Cops and Robbers

April 29, 2010 at 2:22 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

As I love to mention, public transportation provides endless opportunities for free entertainment.  I was riding the el yesterday on a rather packed train and was trying not to feel like a sardine.  Seriously, I don’t know how claustrophobic people handle rush hour.  As I stood, riding along and clinging desperately to the only available pole space (while also trying to avoid bumping into the girl with the ice cream and the man with the coffee), my gaze wandered out the window.  I was fantasizing about all of the open space and fresh air I would be reveling in as soon as I got off the train when my eyes caught something unusual.  We were passing a large parking garage and there were two cops on the top level, looking confused and frantic.  Since that was slightly out of the ordinary, my eyes automatically scanned the rest of the garage.  On the level directly below stood a guy dressed pretty much exactly like the cartoon dude here.  He had the eye mask, striped shirt and bag with $ symbol on it.  As I watched, he looked directly at our train and put his fingers to his lips in the universal shhh motion.  Then the building was behind us and the entire scene nothing but a memory.  Did it even really happen?

I looked around to see if anyone else was laughing like I was and I realized that most people had no idea what we had just passed.  I did catch the eyes of one guy, who was looking around with much the same expression on his face that I’m sure I had on mine.  When we locked eyes we just grinned and shrugged our shoulders.  Who just stages cops and robber hijinks for the sole benefit of a passing train?  The people of Chicago.  So goes another day in the city.


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  1. miastarr said,

    this is why i must move in immediately. 🙂

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