Shameless Plug for Netflix

April 26, 2010 at 2:32 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , )

Yup, I’m one of those.

One of those people who helped put Blockbuster out of business by subscribing to the snail mail version of video rental.  I actually used to be a Blockbuster customer but my lack of car has given Netflix the upper hand.  I started off as most addicts do, by gently easing myself into the new rental scheme and telling myself that I could opt out of my free trail membership at the end of the month.  Then the end of the month rolled around and I realized I was hooked.

It’s just so damn easy.  As someone who lacks both cable TV and the inclination to spend any money whatsoever on new movies, Netflix fills a void.  I don’t watch much of the little TV I do get, but I can easily fall in love with a new show.  For instance, I’ve heard many a good thing about the HBO show Six Feet Under.  Yes, I realize I’m only about a decade late in following this series about a family run funeral home, but better late than never.  Netflix sends me three episodes at a time, which is enough to satiate my urge for new programming while also not giving me so much to watch that my butt grows into my couch.  Restraint is sometimes necessary. If I’m feeling restless, I can also bump an actual movie to the top of my queue and watch that instead.  I just rewatched a classic, Annie Hall, this weekend.  I had forgotten that both Jeff Goldblum and Christopher Walken had cameos in that – talk about a pleasant surprise! 

Netflix makes me feel like super happy pumped full of mushrooms Mario.

Besides how incredibly simple it is to click and choose movies to receive, Netflix also allows me to watch a bunch of stuff instantly online.  This is a massive perk, I must admit.  Many movies are available to watch instantly, and many more TV shows.  Of course, I have another example.  I’ve been hearing a lot about how good the show Bones is (it’s still on, so I’m not completely behind.  Only five seasons).  It’s another one of those crime shows where people poke dead bodies to figure out how they died, and usually I’m not so into those.  However, this one has some very redeemable qualities.  The main character (besides being easy on the eyes) is a forensic anthropologist, so there’s lots of anthropological and archaeological type jargon throughout each episode.  I just eat that stuff up.  She also writes books about her forensic experiences, and as a book nerd I can appreciate that.  The entire cast is actually pretty fun to watch (remember Angel from the Buffy series?  No?  Well, that cat’s in it too).  So yeah, I found another series to watch bits and pieces of while I unwind at the end of a night.

Did I mention that I get all of these wonderful Netflix services for under ten bucks a month?  ‘Cause I do.  If I had a video gaming system (is that what the kids are calling them these days?) then I could actually, somehow through magic, hook up my instant Netflix to that and watch stuff on my TV.  Alas, I am not that cool.  I feel that would be gluttonous anyway.  I can watch Six Feet Under on my TV and Bones on my laptop, so I really win no matter how you look at it.  Thanks, Netflix, for making the simple dreams of this not-so-simple girl come true.


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