Brought to You by the Letter ‘C’

April 7, 2010 at 4:45 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I called into work sick today, which I hardly ever find the need to do. I figured it was smarter to take a day in the middle of the week to try to fully recuperate rather than wear myself out all week long. So far today, I’ve ingested a boatload of tea, napped with Catsby on my couch and watched Casablanca.

It hasn’t been too bad but I would rather be healthy.

At least my cough has subsided from the gut wrenching, hacking noise that I’ve been dealing with for days. Hopefully I can return to work tomorrow and not feel disgusting by coughing into the phone while speaking with a client. As attractive as that is, I’m over it. I’m also over eating bland food in hopes of boosting my immune system. I want cheese, dammit, and lots of it. Hopefully the weekend will be cheesy enough to make up for my lack of it this week. As a friend recently said, a world without cheese is like a world without…breathing.

Wow, I’ve talked about my couch, my cat, my coughing and my love of cheese. This post sure is exciting. Is this what cold meds do to one’s creative process? That’s right, I’m blaming the medicine.

My apartment is cold and I would like to be eating all of the chocolate that I brought home from Easter, though I haven’t because I’m not sure it would help with the recovery process. I guess it could. As of now, it’s sitting here mocking me. Bastard chocolate bunnies.

Don’t worry, that bunny will get what’s coming to him. I’m hoping that one more good night of sleep will do the trick and tomorrow I’ll be back to my fully awesome self. Then every chocolate bunny and bit of cheese within a ten mile radius will need to be on the lookout.


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