Cozy Noodles and Rice (and a bit more)

March 17, 2010 at 11:05 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , )

Prepare yourself for a colorful post.  As promised, today features a review of Cozy Noodles and Rice, a…well, cozy Thai place a few blocks south of Wrigley Field.  I met up with a friend of mine there on Monday evening and fell in love with the restuarant right away.  This place has a fantastic mix of kitsch and camp, with retro toys lining the walls to prove it.  It was also BYOB, which has quickly become one of my favorite phrases to use when describing a restaurant.

Elvis silently serenaded us as we enjoyed our meals.  My friend had a buy one get one free dinner coupon and between our noodles and edamame appetizer I think we spent less than $20.  I chose the tofu Pad Thai and it was delicious.  It came with bean sprouts, green onion and peanuts and the portion was huge.  I had leftovers for lunch yesterday and had enough after that for one more meal.  Three servings for under $7?  Yes, please.

Besides the obviously fun decor, the atmosphere of the place was lively and festive.  It was decorated for St. Patrick’s Day but not obnoxiously so.  The vintage toys lining the walls were both nostalgic and fun to look at, and the clientele was more laid back than usual for a Wrigleyville haunt (especially during the week of St. Patrick’s Day).

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…the Pez bathroom.  I walked in to wash my hands and was nearly blown away by the wall to wall, floor to ceiling Pez dispensers.  Some of them were huge (notice Snoopy and the ducks) and there were a few lunchboxes thrown into the mix, but it was mostly the little Pez dispensers.  I could’ve probably spent an hour checking them all out but it might have caused worry if I had stayed in the bathroom that long.  I did make sure to go back though, just to get this picture.  There were a few places where you could see the Pez dispenser had been ripped from the wall, and that made me a bit sad.  Sure, it was tempting as hell to take one of my favorites but if everyone did that then there would be nothing left for the rest of the world to enjoy (or rather, the portions of the world that enter this particular pit stop).

Ironically, this is something that anthropologists and archeologists wrestle with on a daily basis.  If you’re studying an artifact or site, you will inherently change it just by being there, not to mention through your work.  Is it better to leave it as is, forever and ever, or try to extract what information and meaning you can, while you can?  There’s a similar debate when it comes to the actual removal of artifacts as well.  If every person who went to the Parthenon took a piece of rock back with them, eventually there would be nothing left.  Should everything be left there, intact, for generations to come or is it okay to disperse it throughout the world so people who may not have otherwise been exposed to the artifact are given a chance?  Hard to say.

Also hard to say what sparked that mini tangent.  It’s not easy to draw comparisons between an ancient Greek temple and a bathroom covered in toys, but apparently I managed.

I also managed to get out of the office early today.  I worked a 13.5 hours yesterday, as we had our annual Open House and I had no choice but to pull a long day.  However, one of the (only) perks of being an hourly employee is that I have to stay within 40 hours a week and thus, must shave off those extra hours elsewhere.  I came on back in bright and early this morning but I’m leaving for the day at the time I would usually go to lunch.  What will I do with my afternoon off?  Well, I should probably go find a Guinness somewhere in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.  I’ll drink one (or two) and regale the bartender with stories of my trip to Ireland.  Cheers and I hope the craic is mighty for all of you on this fine day!


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