WTFs of the Week

March 12, 2010 at 3:31 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

I kind of enjoyed the whole WTF post last week and I might just turn it into a regular thing.  I encountered a few crazy news stories and even had a personal WTF moment this past week and of course, I want to write about them.  Away we go!

1.  Woman Arrested for Shaving Bikini Line…While Driving

This here is Megan Barnes, Florida resident.  Megan was arrested this week after hitting a truck and then driving away.  When the police caught up with her, she explained that she let her ex-husband steer while she was behind the wheel so she could do some “landscaping”, as she was en route to visit her current boyfriend and needed to give her nether regions a trim.  Megan also had a suspended license, and the day before this arrest she was convicted of driving under the influence and given nine months probation.  I won’t pretend that this is the most outrageous thing I’ve ever heard but it is up there.  I understand being crunched for time and all but how good of a shave job did she expect to get under the circumstances?  At least now she’ll have plenty of time to stay home and get it right, as her car was impounded and her license has been revoked for the next five years.

2.  Man Marries Pillow

Lee Jin-Gyu married his ‘dakimakura’ this week.  A dakimakura is a large Japanese pillow, usually with an anime character printed on the side.  Apparently, Mr. Jin-Gyu takes his pillow-wife with him everywhere and gets the pillow ‘her’ own chairs and meals at restaurants.  I know that times are tough and it’s sometimes difficult to find that special someone, but this is ridiculous.  It’s also insulting, because here is some dude marrying a pillow and there are countless men and women who can’t marry their real, live partners because they happen to be of the same sex.  How does that make sense?  If people are worried that gay marriage will threaten the sanctity of that institution, how does marrying a pillow factor in there?  Can you divorce a pillow?  Obviously the marriage isn’t for procreation purposes, which is one argument used as to why gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry.  Complete, utter craziness.

Which leads nicely into my next story.

3.  Prom Canceled After Lesbian Asks to Bring Girlfriend

More power to Constance McMillian, a senior in high school in Jackson, Mississippi.  Constance challenged the policy at her school and requested to wear a tux to her prom and bring along her girlfriend as her date.  She got the local American Civil Liberties Union chapter involved and the ACLU petitioned the school to change the policy.  So what did the school decide to do?  That’s right, cancel the whole damn thing.  Because obviously allowing one girl to bring her girlfriend to the dance would be much more of a disruption than oh, say, pissing off an entire high school and community by canceling an ages-old tradition.  Also, way to not get this poor girl hated on any more than she probably already is.  She’s not backing down though and the ACLU has now filed a lawsuit against the school.

Once upon a time, I asked my high school principal if I could bring a girl to our prom.  He looked at me and laughed, and then said absolutely no way.  Since I went to a Catholic high school I wasn’t shocked but I am proud of this girl for sticking to her guns and trying to make a difference.

4.  Cotton Candy Man

I had this WTF moment while walking home yesterday evening.  I passed by a guy who was carrying around a bunch of cotton candy, for no apparent reason.  Please excuse the bad phone picture, but it was hard to catch him at a good angle.  I don’t think he was selling any of the candy, as one guy leaned out of his car to beckon him over and the dude with the goods just kept on walking.  Perhaps this was his way of welcoming in the spring?  Or maybe he’s just a glutton for sweets?  The world may never know.


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