Stanley is Trying to Woo Me

March 9, 2010 at 3:36 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

…Stanley Steemer, that is.

Today, the boss lady asked me to get an estimate on carpet cleaning for our entire office suite.  We’re having our annual Open House next week and the staff member we’ve had around for the longest time (5 years) mentioned she doesn’t think the carpets have been cleaned once since she’s been here.  That’s kind of gross in and of itself but when I think about all of children we have in and out of our center, it gets downright disgusting.  Being the excellent employee that I am, I had the Stanley Steemer guy out here this afternoon.

I’ve never dealt with a professional carpet cleaning company before and the only experience I’ve ever had with carpet cleaning in general came from renting one of those little personal deals from the grocery store.  The professionals at Stanley Steemer sent a rotund little guy out here with a nifty tool that gauges room size with the flash of a laser pointer.  I sort of wanted to play with it but didn’t think that would be appropriate (and trust me, I mean that in the least sexual way possible).  The rotund little guy walked around, made some measurements and then gave me a bag full of surprises.  I mean that in the least sexual way possible as well.

All this just for little ‘ol me and my little ‘ol office?  We now have magnets, brochures, paper, pens, a bottle of complimentary carpet cleaner and even a tin of mints.  To me, this seems like a goodie bag designed to get a bachelor laid – after all, nothing says sexy like getting that pet stain off the bed sheets and masking your bad breath with a mint.

Only time will tell if we decide to use Stanley’s services, but I must say the freebies provide a nice lure.  If you ever find yourself in need of a free bottle of fabric cleaner or a packet of mints, call your local Steemer and watch your dreams come true.


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