Sick. Of. Snow.

February 25, 2010 at 3:17 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Old man Winter, drop dead already.

When I walked out of my two-hour stint helping at the food pantry last night, I was dismayed to see it was snowing, yet again.  I know a while back I posted about how pretty snow is and how it makes everything seem calm and peaceful…I still think that, if I’m sitting in the comfort of my own living room.  However, seeing as how I have to work and all for a living, I don’t have too much of an opportunity to sit and relax while watching the snow come down.  Instead, I have to go out and wage a battle against it, almost every single day.  Here are some things I won’t miss once it starts to warm up:

1.  Taking an extra five minutes every morning to make sure I have sufficient layering wrapped around my poor mortal body.

2.  The loud, wacky noises my radiator makes when it turns itself on.  It’s easy to pretend little gnomes are living in there and smacking the pipes with hammers while having a debaucherous party full of noisemakers and little gnome drinks .

3.  Trudging a new trail in the grass between the train station and the parking lot to my office.  It’s good exercise and all but I’m not usually up for hiking through deep snow at 7:30am.

4.  Deadly icicles.  Seriously.  I saw a huge spear of frozen water fall from the roof of the train station a few days ago and almost take out some poor, oblivious little girl.  Her mom yanked her to safety in the nick of time but she came very close to suffering death by ice.

5.  Tracking gross snowy mush into my apartment every night.  ‘Nuff said.

6.  My winter coat.  It’s warm, yes, but it makes me appear about 45 pounds heavier than I actually am and it’s cumbersome as all get out.  I long for the days of simple t-shirts and jeans.

7.  My winter boots.  Same principal here as with the coat only this time it’s my feet that ache for freedom.  I want to be able to slip into a pair of sandals instead of wearing two pairs of socks before tying laces that go to my knees.  I want to go barefoot in my apartment without freezing.  I want air for my toes.

8.  Gymnastics on ice.  I have successfully managed to stay upright on the sidewalks all winter long but I fear my luck will run out the longer this dreadful weather continues.  I’ve developed quite a skill for surfing around on ice but it’s not one I would like to make a full-time hobby.  I miss being able to walk normally, without fear of busting my delicate ass.

9.  Lackluster water pressure in my shower.  The cold water has much better pressure than the hot, which I found out when the temps started to plummet.  I’ll be glad when I can use more than a drop or two of cold water to get a comfortable shower.

10.  Static in my hair.  And on my cat.  It’ll be nice to pet her again without shocking us both, and I’m sure she’s looking forward to it as well.

Yup I’m ready for Spring, or at the very least some warmer weather.  In the meantime, here’s a pretty picture of what is hopefully right around the corner.


  1. Lucy Berger said,

    Preach it, Paige! Although you forgot that you won’t miss feeling cold ALL of the time, even if you know you’re in a warm place.

    Have a great day!

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