Cell Phone Madness

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Last week, I broke down and got one of those fancy, newfangled smart phones.  My old cell phone had been treating me just fine but when my cat knocked water over on it and killed its ability to charge, I decided it was time to move on.  Or rather, the water damage decided that for me.  Note: my cat’s penchant for knocking over water on expensive electronics will likely be the topic of an upcoming post.  Damn cat.  Luckily for her it was time for an upgrade anyway, so I snagged a bit of a discount on the new phone and that’s always appreciated.  I debated long and hard about this whole smart phone thing, because I loathe the idea of turning into one of those people who fail to notice the world around them because they are reading about it on their cell.  However, I knew some of those crazy applications would make things like finding my way around the city and navigating the bus schedules a bit easier, and I’m all for anything that helps me become less of a tourist and more of a resident.  Also, my apartment lacks the internet and there are times when it would be nice to be able to check something before heading out and trying to find it.  Ultimately I settled on the Droid Eris.

I know, it’s ridiculous.  It’s also much, much smarter than I am.  I’ve had it a week and I still feel like we’re in that awkward, getting-to-know-you phase.  This thing automatically synchs up with my Gmail account and it imported every contact I had there immediately into my phone.  I didn’t necessarily want people like my ex boyfriend in my new cell phone, so I went about deleting some names.  Of course, my getting used to touch screen technology is much like my grandmother trying to navigate the highways around Chicago, and I wound up accidentally calling the bastard (I don’t really think he’s a bastard, but the word fit nicely here) about a half-dozen times in my attempt to delete his number.  You can imagine my frustration.  I think I caught all of the calls early enough to end them before he got it, but with my luck he’s out there thinking I’m super needy and losing my nerve every time I call to try to get him back.  Fabulous.  So my initial experiment with my phone was not a great one, but I am getting better with it (and his number is finally gone).

One of the aspects of having a phone that can do everything but laundry is having the ability to download all kinds of free and pointless applications.  There are innumerable games and other time wasters out there, which I try to avoid as I usually have a book on me and find little need for Pong 2.0.  Some of them are fun though, if not useful, and I have downloaded a few.  Case in point: daily Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.  Do I need these?  Absolutely not.  Do they make me happy on a basic level?  Why yes, yes they do.  As a grown woman who still sleeps with the stuffed monkey given to me as a young child, I identify with this comic.  This was one app worth the 20 seconds of my time it took to download.  I’ve also found a googlemaps application, as well as a compass, so I never have to worry about walking out of the subway downtown and losing all sense of direction ever again.  Huzzah!

There are other things my new creepy-smart phone can do as well.  For instance, as soon as I look at it I can tell the latest weather for whatever city I happen to be in (it updates automatically).  It also links up my phone contacts to their facebook profiles, so if you’re number is in my phone and we’re friends on that social networking site, your profile picture comes up whenever we speak or text.  That right there kind of freaked me out, because that’s just a lot for a phone to know.  It plays music but I haven’t made it far enough to program that yet.  I wonder if that means I can get rid of the iPod I rarely use…perhaps.  It also takes a better picture than most cameras I’ve ever owned.  There’s a voice recorder should I ever have the need for one, and it appears I never have to delete text messages again (my old phone would begin to harass at me as I approached 50).  There are roughly four dozen more various tones and noises that I can choose from when setting an alarm, ringtone etc.  It also acts as a super fancy paperweight, should I have the need for one.  These are all standard features.  I tell you, phones sure have come a long way since the Zach Morris Special.

My sister and I used to have a set of walkie talkies that looked like Zach’s cell phone.  Ironically, my father had one of the very first mobile phones available and it looked exactly like our toys (and this here beauty).  I remember one time in particular where he gave us a verbal tongue lashing for playing with his work phone when in reality we were playing with our walkie talkies.  I doubt anyone would make that mistake today.

I feel like an old lady as I describe my astonishment with this new world of phonage.  I signed up (and started paying for) my first cell phone plan around the time I began driving, which nicely coincided with the rise in popularity in cell phones to begin with.  Maybe I am an old lady.  Either way, it’s interesting to see how far they’ve come and to imagine what they’ll be doing next. Geez, I remember thinking I was cool with my bright green pager, 

I’m pretty sure I’ll keep my current version for quite a while (partly because it might take me the length of the contract to fully understand it) but I’d like to see a phone that makes me dinner.  Or a drink.  I wonder how long it will be until cell phones begin doing manual labor.  I’m all for my phone doing my grocery shopping and coming back with wine.

I hope dreams really do come true.

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  1. kara said,

    paige, this is awesome, i totally just picked up this EXACT same phone and oh man — soon i think it’s going to develop emotions, rise up and overthrow me. let’s talk on our new phones soon 🙂

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