More. Snow. And an Earthquake.

February 10, 2010 at 2:54 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Oh Chicago weather, you never cease to surprise me.  Where else could I wake up to a foot of snow and an earthquake, all in the same morning?

I’ll start with the earthquake, if for no other reason than I’ve never blogged about my experiences in an earthquake.  That would mostly be because I don’t ever remember being in one before.  Well, that all changed at the oh so fun hour of 4 this morning.  There I was, soundly sleeping, when I heard a super loud noise.  I woke up confused and the only thing I could think of was that someone was trying to break in my bathroom window (since the bathroom is where the noise seemed to be coming from).  This would be a plausible guess on my part, if my bathroom wasn’t three stories off the ground.  Like I said, it was early.  So I grabbed my bat and tiptoed into the bathroom, with Catsby on my heels.  She was as on edge as I was, and the plot of every horror movie I’ve ever seen raced through my head as I pulled back my shower curtain and peered within.  Of course no one was there, because my window was locked and again, I’m on the third floor.  The shower rack holding my soaps, razors and whatnot was no longer on the shower head though, which accounted for the noise.  I figured my very large upstairs neighbor had fallen out of bed or something and my apartment had shaken because of it.  It wasn’t until I got to work and read about the quake online that I put two and two together and realized what had happened.  Then I felt proud of my apparent ability to wake up during a potential disaster, as most other people I talked to slept through the whole thing.

So after I calmed myself at 4am, I went back to sleep with fingers crossed for a snow day today.  Out of every day so far this winter, today was the most likely candidate for a paid day off work.  It started snowing early Monday morning and didn’t stop until around the time of the earthquake.  When all was said and done, there was about a foot of new snow covering every surface as far as the eye could see.  I saw it for myself when I did not get the call about a snow day and I had to trudge out of my apartment at 6:30am.  I couldn’t even take a step out of my door without having to lift up my legs like I was stepping over a giant puddle.  I felt like a cross country skier, or these poor deer, trying to waddle through the white stuff.  The commute to work wasn’t too bad, although I did come as close as I have yet this winter to busting my ass.  I performed a fall in slow motion while getting out of my ride’s truck and if it hadn’t been for my coworker standing next to me, I would have undoubtedly wound up sitting in the snow.  As it was, she caught me and I made it on the train without a soaking backside. When I disembarked the train, I was pleased to see that the parking lot I cross to get to my office had been plowed.  Unfortunately, the plowing formed massive snow drifts that I had to wade through.  That’s when I figured out the snow was a foot deep, because as I made my way down what is normally the sidewalk snow came in over the top of my boots (which are a foot tall. I measured them when I eventually made it to my desk).  It was like crossing Alaska or something, trying to get through the drifts.  All the while some guy sat in a plow waiting for me to make it so he could continue with his shoving of the snow.  Hopefully he got a good laugh out of my not-so-graceful maneuvers.

By the time I finally got inside I was exhausted, which is a great start to any workday.  I’m volunteering tonight so I’ll be out in it again, but it won’t seem so bad because I won’t be going to work.  I would say something about hoping this is the last snowfall of the season, but I don’t want to jinx myself.  Instead, I will just say that I think I’m ready for Spring.


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