Birthdays of Yesteryear

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Seeing as how my birthday is coming up (TOMORROW!!), I figured I should take some time and reflect on a few of my most memorable birthdays thus far.  I’m sure my first few were great and all but the first one I really remember was when I turned six.  I came down with the Chicken Pox and was confined to my couch (helpful hint – do not do a google image search for Chicken Pox unless you want to become incredibly uncomfortable in a short amount of time).  I was completely miserable all throughout my battle with the Pox and there are pictures hidden away somewhere at my Mom’s house that prove it.  I think my family felt sorry for me (and it was obvious I felt sorry for myself) so they tried to make the birthday a good one.  I don’t remember many gifts from that year but there is one thing that stands out to me and it’s something I’ll likely never forget.  I’m pretty sure it came from an aunt of mine, and it was a gift every little girl at the time dreamed of.  An entire assortment of New Kids on the Block paraphernalia.

The right stuff indeed.  Everything came on a pink Styrofoam tray and there were figurines, a poster, a t-shirt and a mug.  I think a coloring book figured in someplace as well.  Part of me wishes I had saved at least one item from this glorious gift tray but everything has disappeared over the course of time.  Honestly, it’s probably not much of a loss.

All in all, my sixth birthday was one of the worst.  We’ll move right along now, up to age eight.  Or was it nine?  I don’t really remember how old I was when I got my big, invite-the-whole-class-because-it’s-the-only-year-we’re-ever-having-this-type-of-party party.  My sister and I were each allowed one large party in elementary school and I chose to have mine at the ever popular gymnastics studio.  Don’t ask me why; I wasn’t enrolled in gymnastics and it’s not like I’m graceful enough to be any good at at it anyway.  It must have had something to do with the giant cheese pit, which was an area under the high and low bars basically full of hunks of Styrofoam made to look like hunks of cheese.  This pit was the epitome of fun to a kid and it’s where we spent most of the time during my party.  We also jumped on a huge trampoline, which is always entertaining no matter your age.  That was a good year.

When I was sixteen, my parents, grandparents and sister took my (long since ex) boyfriend and I out to my favorite Mexican restaurant.  It seemed like a good idea at the time but I didn’t realize I would be forced to wear a ridiculously heavy sombrero on my head for the entire night. I could’ve handled ten or fifteen minutes, but a whole meal?  By the end of the evening I had a crick in my neck from the weight of the damn thing.

When I turned eighteen, I was extremely excited to buy a lottery ticket for the first time.  I know, I’m pretty wild and crazy.  The cashier failed to card me when I asked for the ticket but I proudly showed her my ID anyway.  It was the first time I had bought anything requiring one to be of age (legally, that is).  It was an exciting day.

The next big birthday was my 21st, and my roommate and I managed to fit over a hundred of my closest friends into our little townhouse.  The night was a success and unlike my roomie on his 21st, I did not wind up wearing a parka in a bathtub.

Let’s see, what else…there was the Super Bowl Birthday, which I think I mentioned in my post about football.  The best part of that night (besides hanging out with all of my friends and eating homemade cake, of course) was watching Jurassic Park on the giant sheet we had set up with a projector.  That movie still makes me jump and I doubt I’ll ever outgrow that.  I also had a party at a laser tag place (yup, this was after my 21st) and then a bowling alley.  The bowling alley was especially fun because it was my last year in Indiana and lots of my favorite people came out to play.

Last year’s birthday was only so-so.  It was my first one away from the majority of my friends and family so it was a little bittersweet.  I got a cake at my office and taken out to a nice dinner too, so it wasn’t exactly bad…just not as good as others.

And that brings us to today, or more importantly, tomorrow.  I have to work (but I took Friday off so I have a nice long birthday weekend) and tomorrow night will be full of dirty bingo playing at some bar I’ve never been to.  Obscene jokes and cheap beer will never go out of style, no matter how old I get!


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