Wine Wine, You Sure are Fine

February 2, 2010 at 3:18 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

If you’re a frequent visitor to this here blog, you know that I have a penchant for wine.  My fascination and love for this fermented drink began way back in elementary school and it was instilled in me by Jesus (by the way, like the picture?  It looks like he’s performing the most sacred of spells over that cauldron).  He had the superpower of turning plain old water into much sought after wine and from an early age I just assumed that it was a holy thing to imbibe.  Since I have yet to be plagued by locusts or boils, I must be doing something right.  So I’ll continue to drink it.

As long as the wine isn’t so dry that it makes my face pucker, I’ll try pretty much anything.  I like reds more in the winter because they warm me up better than a chilled white but with wine and so many other things, I can go both ways.  A good wine is made better by good company and I suppose that’s how some genius came up with the idea of Wine Club.  I’m not sure who had the original thought to create the one I seem to have joined, but they must have been smart.  The meeting I went to on Saturday was put together by a lovely lady friend of mine and it could not have been a better inaugural tasting.  First, the location.

We met up at this place called A. Vision Chicago Inc., which is a company that had the brilliant idea of combining a wine store with a floral shop.  I didn’t think the two went together before but this place takes flowers and pairs them with specific wines based on aroma, color and a bunch of other things that I probably didn’t catch.  The end effect is what you see pictured here – delicious and fabulously priced wines (most were in the $11-$20 range) surrounded by gorgeous, unique floral arrangements.  What a great place for a tasting!

To make things even better, there was food.  My friend who organized all of this also provided us with snacks and there was flatbread with pesto, some sort of eggplant tapenade, the obligatory cheese and crackers and a plate of assorted chocolate treats.  Clearly, the way into my heart.  The food paired nicely with the wine and before we knew it we were all buying and opening bottles left and right.  We hung out at the shop for a bit longer before making the long trek to the hostesses house.  When I say long, I mean roughly 5 doors down, which is a doable distance when you’ve been drinking and the wind chill is hovering near 10 degrees.

We hung out and continued to drink our new purchases.  I also learned a valuable lesson: it’s rather difficult to keep track of how much vino you’re drinking when bottles are being continuously opened and your glass never quite reaches empty.  It was all very good and warmed me up enough for my journey home, which was slightly further away than what we traveled from the store.

As I was waiting for the L, I met a guy who clearly had much more to drink that night than I did.  His name was Emmanuel and he was very excited as he told me how much he loves to cook.  In fact, he kept rambling on and on about how he wanted to cook for me.  Yeah, right.  When he asked for my number I pulled out my phone and was going to fake get his but he ended up being entirely too drunk to give me anything to pretend to put into my phone.  He tried a couple of times and wasn’t able to come up with whatever he thought was right.  At this point I was totally bemused and when he reached his destination (at least, I hope it was his stop…just like I hope the poor kid made it home okay) he was still hellbent on giving me his digits.  He put one foot on the platform and kept one foot in the train, and if you’ve ever done such a thing you know it’s highly frowned upon by CTA officials, no matter how drunk you are.  People were shouting at him as I was trying to explain that he should just go on home and we’d meet up later.  Later as in never, of course.  He nodded as if it made perfect sense that we would eventually find one another again in a city of almost three million people.  Oh, Emmanuel, I hope your food preparation skills are better than your pick-up lines, just for your sake.

I’m glad I didn’t drink as much as that poor fellow, and I’m glad I forced myself to leave my sparkling clean bathroom to go out on the town.  Jesus was right – wine wins over water, any day!


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