Merry Maids Make a Merry Me

February 1, 2010 at 3:21 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

It’s almost my birthday!  You know, I always figured that as I aged I would lose some of the excitement that surrounds the anniversary of my birth.  I know many women lament that accrual of another number but it doesn’t really bother me (…yet.  Ask again when I hit 40).  Since I was a little girl, I’ve felt like a snake that sheds its skin at the end of a year – I seem to feel ready to step out of the old age and into the new one.  Since I don’t really dread aging, I get rather excited when my big day is coming up.  Just ask some of my old roommates, who are quite familiar with me celebrating my entire birthday month and not just my birth day.

As a special treat to myself for this particular birthday, I decided to have my apartment professionally cleaned.  I’ve never done this before and it only occurred to me when I was jumping up and down in my kitchen and I noticed how disgusting the top of my refrigerator looked (don’t bother asking why I was jumping in my kitchen).  My dad agreed to split the cost of the cleaning with me as my bday gift and so I called the Merry Maids, whose advertisements I’ve seen on cars all over the place in the city.  They sent out someone who did a walk through of my apartment and gave me an estimate on what it would cost to clean it up.  It’s not like my place was filthy but there was definitely some dirt that had been there long before I moved in.  Eh, it’s the nature of an older apartment.  So this guy told me they would scrub every tile in my bathroom, wax the wood floors and yes, clean the top of my fridge.  I was sold.

Some people might find it strange that I can get so excited over an apartment cleaning.  Those people obviously don’t know me very well.  I’m not a total nutso or anything but I do like to have things nice and neat, and yes, I’m sure my mild OCD has something to do with this.  For instance, I am someone who is bothered by the picture to the right and if these writing utensils were on my desk you can rest assured that I would match that bastard wayward pencil up with the others.  I can think of one funny guy in particular who would enjoy teasing me over this…well, bring it on.  I’ve had the OCD quirk for many years and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

Anyway, back to my early birthday gift.  I was out all night Friday enjoying fine company, pizza and The Goonies (a movie I had never seen before…now I finally get what everyone’s been talking about all these years) so I trekked home late Saturday morning to meet the lovely Merry Maids ladies, who showed up carrying their various cleansing instruments.  Since I thought it would be super awkward to sit around and watch strangers clean the grime from my baseboards, I packed up and headed to the library.  I played on their free internet and happened to sit at a table directly across from my next book club book, so I found that with no problem.  After about two hours I headed home, feeling like a kid on Christmas in expectation of my clean apartment.

I was not disappointed.  As soon as I opened the door I was greeted by that wonderful smell of disinfectant and floor polish.  My apartment was spotless.  Dirt that I didn’t even think COULD be removed was gone and gleaming surfaces were left behind.  Blinds were dusted, appliances were washed and the top of my fridge was finally cleaned.  They even made my bed, which was slightly weird but appreciated nonetheless.  And my bathroom?  I almost cried when I saw it.  I think I’ve mentioned that I hate cleaning bathrooms more than anything and they did such a good job scrubbing mine that I seriously considered just spending the night hanging out with my bathtub and sink.  I probably would have too, if not for the lure of my very first Wine Club meeting.

What’s that, you say?  A club dedicated to drinking wine?  Oh yes indeed.  I would go on and on about this decadent meeting but alas, my time management skills have eluded me today.  If you’re lucky, tomorrow’s post will document my first wine clubbing experience!



  1. 5kidswdisabilities said,

    Oh! Oh! I LOVE the idea of Merry Maids!!!!!
    Lindsey Petersen

  2. imaramblinman said,

    I object to the use of the word “mild” here. I think you’re looking for a word encompassing a more consuming nature.

    • webpaige said,

      Have you ever seen As Good As it Gets? At least I’m not as bad as that guy…

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