Ode to the Burrito House

January 28, 2010 at 1:53 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

One of my favorite posts so far was the one I wrote in dedication to my local dive bar (I think it was one of the first entries, if you have the desire to go back and check it out).  It occurred to me that I should probably also create an ode to the Burrito House by my apartment, simply because I love that place.  I go there often and I’ve taken so many different people along with me that I think the cashier assumes I’m some sort of low-class call girl who takes her clients out for cheap burritos before or after doing the deed.  He gives me a knowing look every time I bring in someone new and then smiles as if to say he’ll keep my secret.  Seriously, I can think of at least 12 different friends and/or family members off the top of my head that I’ve taken to this place – and every one of them has loved it as well.

Oh, the house of the burrito

so close I can see you from home,

I think your location is quite neato

because for Mexican food I don’t have far to roam.

You’re a bit of a dive because your food is so cheap

and you stay open so late it’s unreal,

it’s comforting to know you’re open whilst I sleep

and let’s face it – $3 burritos are such a steal.

You also serve tacos, quesadillas and yes even fries

no beer or margaritas but I’ll forgive you for that,

if I said I didn’t love you I would be spreading vicious lies

although my feelings might change when and if you make me fat.

Truth be told, you’re a reason I live where I do

knowing you’re so close helped me to sign my lease,

of course I considered other factors too

but a big lure was the promise of Mexican food served with minimal grease.

Burrito House, I promise to stay loyal as long as I live next door

you’ve been there for me through so very much,

if you paid me to advertise, I would go on a bit more

but for now I’m going to finish this gush.


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