Jill of All Trades

January 27, 2010 at 3:47 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

I’m feeling a smidgen proud of myself at the moment and so I think I’ll share.  Yesterday, my office received a new time poll machine for all of our employees.  I’m the lucky girl who gets to monitor all of the time punches for everyone and so of course, as the Manager of Everything, I was the one to dismantle the old time clock and install the new one.  If you know me, you know that I’m not the most mechanically, technically or handily inclined person.  This does not usually bother me but apparently all of these things were invisibly included in my job description, so I have to fake it at work.  This meant yesterday was Bring My Power Drill to the Office Day!

I’m well aware that this isn’t the heaviest of the heavy-duty drills out there but it’s always suited me just fine – and yesterday I was glad I had it.  After taking the old clock down, I was given permission to knock a hole in the wall that would lead into our coat closet.  Any time I’m getting paid to be destructive towards company property is fine by me, so I attacked the wall with a hammer and a vengeance.  After fruitlessly trying to explain to curious children why  I was hitting the wall with such a grin on my face (and fruitlessly attempting to keep them away from my drill), the hole was complete.  I then drilled in the back of our new time clock and after that I realized that I had yet to run the phone cord through the newly formed hole, so I had to take the new time clock back off and deal with the cord (didn’t I say this type of activity wasn’t my thing?).  After that, I re-drilled the new clock to the wall and nailed the phone cord up and around the door to our closet.  If this sounds confusing, that’s because it was.  It took a few hours from start to finish but by the end of the day yesterday I had a fully functional time system with cool flashing lights.  And I felt like a badass.

Today, we had a brand spanking new copy printer/copier delivered to the office and once again my technical skills came into play.  Our old copier was the bane of my existence (I’ve had many a fantasy that resembled the scene with the bat from Office Space) and this new one is so nice that I want to take it home with me.  Every night.  It can even have my bed, that’s how nice this machine is.  It performs more functions than I ever thought a printer could and I’m convinced that I’ll figure out a way for it to make my coffee.  Is it lame to get so excited over such a small thing?  Hell to the no.  In fact, this blog post was supposed to be a little longer and more exciting but I spent so much time playing around with the new printer that my day flew by and I ran out of time to properly finish.  What can I say, the touch screen called to me.

And yes, I helped to successfully set up this bad boy as well.  Who knew an office job would give me so much opportunity to prove myself as a handywoman!



  1. Joe said,

    I think you mean JACK of all trades…

    • webpaige said,

      No no, I’m quite certain I meant Jill. Trust me.

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